29 October 2020     Festival-Contest 

In the period - December 20th - 25 th, 2020, the International Competition for Musicians "Music Fantasy" will give musicians the opportunity to be heard by an unlimited audience online. Music teachers, their students, individual performers and orchestras will show their talent in the most secure way nowadays - virtual.

The idea of conducting an internet musical contest allows the participants to compete despite health, material and geographical factors that might be an important reason not to participate in that kind of event.

Piano players, folklore instruments players, string and bow instruments players, wood and copper instruments players, academic and folklore vocal groups, ensembles, orchestras and choirs can send videos for participation until December 18th, 2020.

"We are sure that the competition will be extended and will attract more and more talents motivating them for professional and spiritual improvement", director of the competition Mrs Olga Ledneva said.

You can check the regulation of the competition and apply for participation. This way you are becoming a pretendent for the Grand Prix of the forum and the Diploma "Grand Music Champion of the World".