Dear friends,

On the eve of the upcoming bright Christian holiday Christmas and the coming of the New Year 2021, I turn to you and your families with the warmest and most sincere feelings!

The days have come when we will send the dynamic and challenging 2020 with hope and gratitude for the lessons of the experience.

May the future give us the opportunity to realize even more good deeds, embodying our duty to preserve the folklore traditions of the nations.

In the current situation, the cohesion and dedication of cultural figures are proof of the responsible and valiant realization of their mission.

As President of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF, I would like to express my gratitude and respect for the personal contribution of each of you to our common achievements and to your commitment to preserving the diversity of traditional values and presenting the identity of nationalities.

Let us continue to make uncompromising efforts to organize successful festival events that will provoke the participants to improve their stage performances in the New Year!

We wish all colleagues, performers, artistic directors and folklore lovers - good health, luck, love, understanding and successful endeavors. Make your dreams and hopes come true in a personal, professional and creative way, continuing to make wonders with your deeds!


Merry Christmas!

Peaceful, happy and prosperous New Year 2021!


Best regards,

Kaloyan Nikolov

President of EAFF