Special second online edition of the music competition "Asia Folk" will create folklore mix, combining the colors of Asian traditions and rhythms of folklore dances all over the world. Online competition will be held from 2 to 14 May, 2021 and will provide the opportunity for appearance to the participants from different countries without age limits. 

Performers who will apply for participation will also receive the notes of a Mongolian song that they must present in their own arrangement with their national music instruments. The dancers and singers can present the Asian melody in the way, presenting their culture.

Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers will hold the prestigious forum online for the second time. In 2020, the competition was held from 2 to 15 September and involved 64 performers from Bulgaria, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, Belarus, Slovenia and Lithuania.

You can find more about the championship "Asia Folk 2021" on the regulation of the event published on the website of EAFF.

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