29 January 2021     Festival-Contest 

In less than 10 days, the system of the International Instrumental Online Competition "Golden Keys" will be closed for applications.

Until February 9, you can confirm your performance in the competition, which aims to draw public attention to current trends in the development of folklore instrumental music.

The event will take place in the period 11 - 19 February 2021 online, giving the opportunity to soloists, ensembles and orchestras, which include in their instrumental composition at least one accordion, to demonstrate their artistic potential. 

The authoritative competition will stimulate a new impetus for the development of musical traditions at the international level, and the most talented among the participating performers will be awarded with a number of prestige awards and titles.

Expand your international contacts in the field of accordion art and increase the level of your performing skills, but first take a look at the regulations, and then state your desire to participate in the digital celebration.

The Golden Keys are looking for their virtuoso!