11 February 2021     Festival-Contest 

65 accordionists - soloists, ensembles and orchestras that include at least one accordion, took part in the online competition "Golden Keys".

Participants from 9 countries - Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, China, Finland, Bulgaria and Russia revealed the magic of accordion. 

If you have a favorite artist, or you yourself are a worthy contender in the competition, you can share the following link with relatives, friends and family to gather the greatest possible audience support: https://eaff.eu/en/online-festival-vote/1011-2811-international-instrumental-competition-golden-keys-online.

You can vote for the most virtuoso participant in the competition until February 17, 2021, because after this period the likes will not be taken into account for the ranking.

The team of EAFF wishes success to all musicians who performed at the specialized international forum!