12 February 2021     Awards  Festival-Contest 

Grand Prix of the International Instrumental Competition "Golden Strings" in the individual performers nomination was awarded to Zixuan Shen at the Central Music Conservatory - China. Teachers of the winner are: Li Lao,Wei Zhao, Ti Zhang. Zixuan Shen won the Grand Prix Diploma and the Cup of the contest.

Grand Prix in the orchestras and ensembles nomination was awarded to "Lik domer" at the Chaykovski Ukrainian National Music Academy. Artistic leader of the group is Valerii Ivko. Representatives of Ukraine won the Grand Prix Diploma and the Cup of the competition.

The results of the competition that was held from 4th to 12th of February 2021 were announced during an online meeting between the artistic directors, organizers and participants, live broadcasted on YouTube.

The competition was attended by 64 performers from China, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Russia, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Islamic republic of Iran, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Republic of Korea.

The jury members consisted of: Prof. Nikolay Kravtsov - Russia, Saint Petersburg Institute of Culture, musicologist; Prof. Dr. Bozhanka Motsinova - Bulgaria, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, musical pedagogue - violin speciality; Mr. Kira Kraftsoff - Germany, leader of Rastreli Cello Quartet; Mrs. Tsatsral Baatar - Mongolia, Artlar House, director of Asian championship of folklore "Asia Folk" and Mrs. Mariana Nutsova - Bulgaria, ethnologist and program director of EurofolkTV.

The following special prizes were awarded during the online event:

  • Diploma for the youngest participant in the first online competition "Golden Strings" was awarded to 5-years old Zhiqing Zheng from China.
  • Diplomas "Discovery" were awarded to: Anqi Chen from China, Yuxin Wang from China, Duet "Tay" from Iran and Martin Monkov from Bulgaria.
  • Winner in the "Level of complexity and technique of performance" category is Yihao Kuang from China.
  • Winner in the "Presentation - costumes, props, play, repertoire" criterion of the assessment system is Antonia Garkova from Pleven, Bulgaria, student in the Panaiot Pipkov National school of arts.
  • Winner with the most points in the "Stage presence - behavior, artistry" category is Ensemble "Ey" at the Culture and Drama Institute, Inner Mongolia, China.
  • Special prize of Euro Folk Academy was given to Folklore group "Veselina" at Center for personal and creative development of children - Blagoevgrad , Bulgaria. Art director of the group is Veselinka Boyanova.
  • Special prize of World Folk Academy was given to Erdunbuhe - representative of the University of Art and Culture in Inner Mongolia, China. 
  • Special prize of the European Association of Folklore Festivals was given to Ensemble "Tay" from Tehran, Iran.
  • Spectators' award went to Viktoria Antonio Markova at the Lyubomir Pipkov National music school, art director - Kohar Andonyan.

Two of the leaders of the groups who were awarded with special prizes, receive the title MAESTRO: Valerii Ivko – conductor of “Lik domer” at the Chaykovski Ukrainian Music Academy and Veselinka Boyanova – artistic director of Folklore group “Veselina” at the Center for personal and art development of children – Blagoevgrad.

Follow the live meeting between like-minded people and colleagues in the field of musical arts and listen to the performances of the instrumentalists - here.