The VIII. Music festival-contest CYBER ART - ONLINE will be held in the period 10 - 20 April 2021, aiming to provide open space for development of international cultural contacts in the field of music art. Online event will contribute to the common appreciation of international achievements in the field of stage appearances and to the strengthening of friendships and understanding between participants of different nationalities.

The prestige of the event is guaranteed, as it is held under the patronage of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Senate of the Czech Republic, the Music School of Vadim Petrov, the Music Foundation of Alvaro Gomes and the Prague Conservatory of Jan Deyl.

Honorary figures of Czech and European culture and teachers of leading music and choreographic institutes in Europe will evaluate academic, folklore and mixed choirs, vocal ensembles, choreographic ensembles, orchestras, string, wind and folklore ensembles and soloists, circus groups, folklore groups.

Take a look at the rules of the forum and hurry to declare your wish to participate, as the Grand Prix winner will be awarded not only honorary titles, but also a money prize of 200 Euro. The deadline for submitting applications for inclusion in the competition is April 9, 2021.

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VIII. Music festival-contest CYBER ART - ONLINE

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