16 March 2021     Interesting facts 

The Online stage platform of EAFF so far consists of 174 videos of artists presenting traditions and folklore of Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, China, Russia, Latvia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Canada, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Slovakia, Poland, Iran, Republic of Korea, United Republic of Tanzania, Estonia, the USA, Belarus, Serbia, Israel, the Czech Republic, Germany and the UK. 

The platform "ONLINE STAGE" of EAFF has the aim to promote folklore music and dance video programs with the opportunity to reach many folklore art fans. 

Join our initiative to preserve and spread out the folklore treasures by publishing recordings of performances with high artistic values.Thus, we will contribute to the numerous online audiences to gain unforgettable experience. 

"Concerts", "Music", "Customs", "Songs", "Dances", "Theater", "Festivals" - the categories where you can put your performances. 

Taking into account the current global situation caused by the Covid-19 virus, our main mission is to continue to keep alive the thrill of the concert experience for both performers and audiences.

Satisfy your curiosity by browsing the "program" on our online stage or highlight part of your talent, through cyberspace, completely free of charge - here.