For the first time, the International Competition & Festival of Arts, Music, Vocals, Dance and Folklore "VIVA ITALY 2021" will be held in an online version.

Organizers of this prestigious forum which is going to be held from 5th to 10th of April 2021, invite participants from all over the world to grab the possibility for presentation without need of traveling, to show their talents and achievements in front of the professional international jury and the audience. 

The alternative way of the festival provides chances for presentation of art, for creation of new international contacts and for enriching the multinational culture and confirmation of the respect to the traditions of all countries and nations around the world. 

Competition aims to create online "bridges" and to prove that the art doesn't have any limits and borders.

Grab the possibility to participate in the virtual forum in order to prove that despite the current challenging situation of social distancing we still believe in the power of music, dance and song!

Check out the regulation of the International online competition "VIVA ITALY" and submit your application for participation.

Hurry up because the time-limit is near - March 31st, 2021.

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