1 April 2021     Festival-Contest 

160 participants from 26 countries took part in the International music competition in Moscow 2021 that was held from 20th to 25th of March.

The jury of the competition defined many winners and granted a lot of awards and authoritative titles.

According to the final rankings, the special award for virtuosity in the "String instruments" category went to Xiang Han. A special prize is awarded to the youngest contestant Tyutyunnik Elizavet. Special prize for the best teacher was received Zheng Chen, representative of the School Affiliated to Jinyuan Senior High School. 

Special prize for virtuosity in the "Piano" category went to Cheng Jiangzi, and the best piano teacher became Wei Danwen.

Audience Choice Award went to the vocal performance "Sama bamdadi paroudbari" and the best teacher in the vocal category became Prof. Sylwia Burnicka-Kalischewski.

The virtual competition gave the chance for performance of talented artists all over the world who, despite the material and geographical factors, successfully presented their skills on the international stage.