8 April 2021     Festival-Contest 

50 fascinating videos of artists who present themselves in one of the most popular types of art - the dance art, have been included in the online edition of the International Dance Competition "Golden Dance".

The beauty of music and dance were presented using the power of technologies by participants from Romania, Malaysia, Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Iran, Uzbekistan, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Latvia.

If you have a favorite, or you are a worthy participant of the competition, you can share the link with your relatives, family and friends, in order to gather as much as possible votes:  https://eaff.eu/en/online-festival-vote/963-2923-international-dance-competition-golden-dance-online

Videos of all the dancers are published on the specially created platform of EAFF's website, which makes the audience a really important part of the competition, giving them the chance to discover the most talented participants and the possibility to assess their performances.

The voting will take place until 14.04.2021 when the likes will define who will receive the Audience award.

Take a look to the diversity of bright, emotional and captivating stories, presented by the art of dance - a fascinating combination of rhythm, music and movements.

You have the opportunity to feel the emotional power that the bearers of these colorful cultural values show even through the screens.

The team of EAFF wishes all the contestants good luck!