For another year, the capital of the Second Bulgarian State will give a stage for presentation not only of the Bulgarian traditional folklore and originality, but also of the world cultural heritage.

The three parallel forums will be held in the period 13 - 17 May 2021 - XXIV Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk"XI Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" and VI World Cup of Folklore - Veliko Tarnovo 2021, will welcome the performers to present their talent on the hospitable Veliko Tarnovo stage.

If you love folklore music, songs and dances, the thrill of stage performance and the cause to bequeath the intangible cultural heritage, then reveal your potential at the stage of the forums.

The programs of the festivals will include art groups and individual performers of all genres - folklore choirs, ensembles, orchestras and dance ensembles, groups for old urban, classical, tourist, patriotic and church songs, without age limits or organizational affiliation.

Take a look at the regulations of the Stara planina Fest "Balkan Folk", the Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk 2021" and the World Cup of Folklore and choose the event whose conditions best suit your desire to perform. The concert programs will be held in compliance with all precautionary measures in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

The deadline for submission of new applications is April 23, 2021, so hurry up and feel the mixture of unforgettable musical experiences, which will be recorded by professional operators, in order to broadcast them live on the Internet TV "EuroFolkTV" and to create an overview movie for the events.

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