The grand prize of the first edition of the International Dance Competition "Golden dance" 2021 went to the Ensemble for songs and dances at the Warsaw University of Technology - Warsaw, Poland.

The magic of dance was presented online in the period 8-16 April 2021 by participants from Romania, Malaysia, Republic of Moldova, Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Iran, Uzbekistan, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Latvia.

International jury commission includes 4 members: Mrs Anahit Saribekyan - Armenia, а representative of CID of UNESCO, choreographer, dance researcher, business developer; Mr Valentin Halvadzhiev - Bulgaria, choreographer; Mrs Mariana Nutsova - Bulgaria, ethnologist and program director of EurofolkTV and Mrs Tsatsral Baatar - Mongolia, ArtLar House, director of Asian championship of folklore "Asia Folk".

Diploma for the youngest participant of the forum went to Taisia Ivanova from Dance ensemble "Rhythm" from Izmail, Ukraine.

Diplomas for the discovery went to Puteri Dulillah binti Badrul Hisham at SM Sains Seri Puteri - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and to Nelum Dandeniya - Badula, Sri Lanka.

Winner in the "Level of complexity and technique of performance" category became the Children's-youth dance ensemble "Kyustendilche" - Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

Winner of the award in the "Presentation" category is "SMP Labschool Kebayoran" - Depok, Indonesia.

Group "AS" at the National children's palace - Bucharest, Romania won the award in the "Stage presence" category.

Special prize of Euro Folk Academy went to Folklore dance ensemble "Dunavska mladost" at the "Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov 1873" Community center, Tutrakan, Bulgaria. EurofolkTV awarded the special prize to Dance group "Balkandzhiyche" at the "Napredak - Elena - 1863" Community center, Elena, Bulgaria. The European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF gave its prize to Folklore dance group "Spicushor" from Causeni, Moldova.

"Audience award", defined by the online voting of spectators, went to Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa - Jakarta Timur, Indonesia.

Recommendations for participation in the European Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" were given to: Trakya Folklore Club - Cerkezkoy, Turkey; KUD "BISER" - Velika Kladusa, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Folklore dance group "MARGUVA" - Pagėgiai, Lithuania; Folklore dance group "Spicushor" - Ceuseni, Moldova; Dance ensemble "Rhythm" - Izmail, Ukraine; Folklore dance group "Merakliyche" - Kopanitsa, Bulgaria.

Recommendations for participation in the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" were given to: Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa - Jakarta Timur, Indonesia;  Puteri Dulillah binti Badrul Hisham - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Arti Rajesh - India; Nelum Dandeniya - Badula, Sri Lanka; Nishtman Dance Group - Iran; Pjians Dancer - Malaysia and Melati Teens - Indonesia.

Recommendations were also awarded to: Ensemble for songs and dance at Warsaw University of Technology - Warsaw, Poland; Children's-youth dance ensemble "Kyustendilche" - Kystendil, Bulgaria; Dance group "Balkandzhiyche" - Elena, Bulgaria; Folklore ensemble "ACIDAVA" - Piatra-Olt, Romania; Group "AS" - Bucharest, Romania; Music theater "Ambasadorii" at the Ministry of Culture of Romania - Bucharest, Romania; "ARABESKA" at Youth's palace - Katowice, Poland; Folklore dance group "Dunavska mladost" - Tutrakan, Bulgaria; Folklore dance group "SAIME" - Riga, Latvia; Children's dance group "Zornitsa" - Hadzhidimitrovo village, Bulgaria; Representative children's-youth dance ensemble "Severnyache" - Popovo, Bulgaria; Ensemble for authentic folklore" - Babuk village, Bulgaria; Nishtman Dance Group - Baneh, Iran; Dance group "Choreoarts" - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and Folklore dance group "VOLUNGĖ" - Kedainiai, Lithuania.

In the movie for the competition, broadcasted on the YouTube channel of "TVEurofolk" were presented the most amazing performances and the winners were announced.

The competition awarded 25 groups and individual performers as a Laureate I degree with a golden diploma, 25 of the participants with a laureate title II degree - a silver diploma and none of the performers with a bronze.

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