On April 29th, we celebrate the International Dance Day. The date of the global celebration is chosen on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet.

Official announcement on the occasion in 2021 was stated by the Chairman of the International Dance Council CID, UNESCO, Paris - Mr Alkis Raftis and reminds us the historical meaning of the dance, revealing its role in the community in times of crisis and nowadays:

"80 years ago, Europe around 1941: a great part of Europe is occupied, curfew is imposed, radio is forbidden, sometimes no electricity. Families stay long evening hours at home with nothing to do, under conditions leading to depression and nervous breakdown – they get desperate.

Grandparents come to the rescue – their memories go back to the time when people could produce their own enjoyment, when they did not depend on TV, on dining out, going to the cinema or attending events. They had active, not passive entertainment. Younger ones had lost the ability to take pleasure in relating stories, telling jokes, singing and dancing at home in good company.

The aged people became the soul of the party singing the old songs, dancing the dances and taking the whole family with them, plus the neighbors. This is how the half-forgotten songs and dances jumped one generation and survived, producing after the War a revival of folk dancing.

As dance professionals, think of your role in the present situation of pandemic, lockdown and curfew. People need you now and will need you after this crisis. You produce a vaccine against the virus of the soul: you know how to make people dance. You hear the call, answer it!"

Happy International Dance Day to all of you - appreciators of the beauty of dance!