32 performers from Poland, Spain, China, Taiwan (China's province), Romania, India, Belarus, New Zealand, Hungary, Italy, Azerbaijan, Russia and Bulgaria will be competing for the prizes of the International Musicians Competition Online "Music Symphony of St. Petersburg".

The event is held online in the period from 22 to 26 June providing opportunities for teachers and students to present their work, their creative development in the past year. 

The idea of the "Music Symphony of St. Petersburg" is realized thanks to the modern technologies in an innovative competition atmosphere. 

Organizers have the aim to give an impetus to musicians of all ages to improve themselves.

If you have a favorite participant or you are a worthy performer in the competition, you can share the following link with your relatives, family and friends in order to gather as much votes as possible: https://eaff.eu/en/online-festival-vote/1012-3039-international-musicians-competition-online-music-symphony-of-st-petersburg

The team of EAFF wishes all the participants in the music contest good luck!

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