This year, after a one-year break due to Covid-19, the International folklore festival "Festival Days in Ohrid" was held for the fifth time and welcomed 10 ensembles from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Poland, providing stage to 250 participants in total.

The festival has no competitive character and it can be attended by all lovers of dance: folklore, modern ballet, cheerleaders, but also choirs and singing groups.

The festival was organized in the period 16-20 July by the Multicultural International Organization of Folklore Festivals-MIOFF from Ohrid, and their organizers are Donco Stojanoski and Zoran Leveski.

The goal of this summer festival is to show their tradition, culture and all the differences of participants. They are always organized in the center of Ohrid, where many tourists from many countries can see for free what ensembles show and reward them with applause.  

The director of the event - Mr. Zoran Levski - told about the entertainment accompanying the concert programs, in which the artists embarked: "All groups are organized to get acquainted with the history of the city, especially the old part of Ohrid - the fortress and hundreds of churches built more than 100 years ago and a boat trip to the monastery "St. Naum". Most of the participants visited several Ohrid beaches and night clubs on their own initiative, which they enjoyed."

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