The winner of the XVIII edition of the Black Sea Festival "Euro Folk" 2021 is the Ensemble for folklore songs and dances "Nikola Vaptsarov" at the "Otets Paisiiy 1919" Community center - Sandanski, Bulgaria. Art director of the Grand Prix winners is Mrs Gergana Kostadinova. 

This year, the Black Sea Festival "Euro Folk" was attended by about 60 vocal groups, dances group, orchestras, ensembles and individual performers from all the ethnographic ares of Bulgaria. The stage of Hotel complex "Kremikovtsi" - Kiten hosted about 1000 singers, dancers and musicians of all ages. They showed their love to the folklore and made the event one of the most colorful musical events from the Musical Feasts "Euro Folk".

The jury commission has the aim to assess the participants in 9 categories and 2 age groups and consists of: Mr Damyan Damyanov - choreographer; Mrs Mariana Nutsova - ethnologist; Maestro Georgi Yankov - musical expert and choir conductor, who watched the competition online.

The awarding ceremony started with the announcement of the first prize Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Groups for authentic songs - authentic folklore", which was taken by Male folklore group "Aydara" at the "Arseni Kostentsev 1980" Community center, Izgrev village. 

Golden "Orpheus" in category "Groups for folklore dances - modern choreographies" was received by Children's dance group "Svetlina 1910" - Dushantsi village, Pirdop. Art director of the performers is Kamelia Ivanova.

In the category "Folklore ensembles - authentic folklore", the prize Golden "Orpheus" was given Ensemble "Razlozhki meratsi" at "Razlozhki meratsi" Association. Leader - Blagoy Yurukov.

Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Old urban songs" was given to Vocal group for old urban songs "Srednogorski slavey" at "Napredak 1869" Community center with art director Maestro Kuzman Kuzmanov.

Representative Children's and youth ensemble for folklore songs and dances "Zdravche - Venche" at the "Vasil Levski - 1904" Community center from Velingrad won the first prize Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Folklore ensembles - children - processed folklore". Artistic director of the winners is Ivan Ivanov.

The awarding ceremony continued with the awarding of the first prize in the category "Groups for recreating customs", which was given to the Mummer's group at the Pensioners' club and "Prosveta 1963" Community Center - Sokolitsa, with artistic director Dimitar Dimitrov.

Among the winners in the Black Sea Festival "Euro Folk" 2021 is the Folklore ensemble "Georgi Chilingirov" at the "Otets Paisiy" Community center - Polkovnik Serafimovo village, Smolyan, with director Sabi Kaidzhiev. The ensemble won the prestigious first prize Golden "Orpheus" in the category "Groups for folklore songs - Authentic folklore".

Dance club "Mirkovsko horo" at the municipality Mirkovo, with art leader Kamelia Ivanova, is the winner among all dance clubs participating in the festival. The formation was awarded the first prize Golden "Orpheus" - in the category "Folklore dances - Authentic folklore".

The winner in the category "Processed folklore" is Folk Fitness "Ritmika" - Blagoevgrad, with artistic director Asen Kolev.

The president of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF, officially closed the forum with the words: "Living cultural heritage is preserved through study, practice, and transmission to future generations. Here on the stage, we saw how we actually carry out the continuity. I would like to thank the participants and the artistic directors for devoting their energy, time and talent to the greatest challenge of today, namely the preservation of our cultural heritage. Folklore is the soul of our nation...".

The festival was held under the auspices of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF, an official partner of UNESCO.

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