The International Festival for Folklore, Choral and Modern Art "Budva, Bar, Petrovac" was held from 25 to 29 August and gave the opportunity for presentation of 200 performers from Ukraine, Montenegro and Bulgaria.

Director of the festival, Mr Jovan Jonoski added: "Within the event we organized a festival evening - in Budva. The participants had the opportunity to visit several towns, such as Budva and Bar, to sail on the Adriatic Sea, to get acquainted with new customs, and to create international friendships."

The festival brought together different cultures through songs, dances, music and interesting national costumes, combining both traditional and contemporary styles that brought the audience from history to modern times.

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26 – 30 August 2022

International Folklore, Choir and Modern Festival "Budva, Bar, Petrovac"

Budva, Bar, Petrovac Montenegro