68 musicians from 15 countries presented their talent in the online International Grand Music Competition from 1 to 5 October online.

Singer Chen XiaoHe won the Special prize for artistry in the Russian digital event.

Galaconcert of the International Grand Music Competition, that was held online included performances of Xu Shiwen - piano (China), Ren Yujin - cello (China), Junyao Wang - piano (China),The duo of cymbalists Tatiana Krasnobaeva and Elena Degtyareva - Tsyganochka (Belarus), Kim Diana - flute (Russia), Djordje Peric - folk instrument (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Weiyi Pei - harp (China), Enze Mai -  violin (China), Denisa- Stefania Cazaciuc - vocal (Romania), Coro da Cruz Vermelha de Mirandela (Portugalia), Academic Choir Shakty Music college, Hao Yue Sun - piano (China), Yuanheng Lu - double bass (China).

"Unfortunately, it was not possible to add all the videos of participants in the competition channel due to technical problems and limits", added the organizer of the digital festival, Mrs Olga Ledneva.

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