Dear members of EAFF, we are pleased to inform you that a call for expressions of interest to expand the Global Network of Facilitators of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage was recently launched.

The details of the call for expressions of interest can be found here:

The objective of the call is to expand the global network of facilitators to meet the growing geographic and thematic demands of the Convention.

Kindly note, interested experts in the field of intangible cultural heritage are invited to submit their application, in their personal capacity, to join the Network directly to the Secretariat by 15 August 2022.

In this regard, we would kindly invite you to as members of EAFF, in particular by bringing to the attention of suitable experts to expand  the International Council of ICH experts of EAFF too -

Thank you again for your support and your interest in safeguarding living heritage.