45 seconds with exciting footage from previous editions, useful information about the upcoming event and a mix of captured emotions hint at what the participants will experience during the XXVI Stara Planina Festival "Balkan Folk" and the accompanying events in 2023 - XIII Bulgarian National Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk" and the VIII World Folklore Cup - Veliko Tarnovo.

The promotional video shows the atmosphere of the events that will be held in the period 11-15 May 2023, with the accompaniment of Bulgarian folklore rhythms, inviting all those looking to perform to check out the regulations and submit an application for participation.

The video also presents pictures from the magnificent town host - Veliko Tarnovo, which, in addition to a warm audience and a hospitable scene, will provide the creators of the cultural program with many memories of its sights and pretty streets.

Become a main character in the short film for the next editions of the festivals, but first ensure your presence in their spotlight!

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