There are 17 days left until the deadline for submission of application for participation in the Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva Voda" 2023.

The event will be held in the first five days of June in Hisarya (Bulgaria), where you'll be able to meet the hospitable audience, to explore the beauties of the Rome thermes, the complex of the Ancient town, the Roman town of Diocletianopolis, the "Kamilite" - the main gate of the fortress and the most prominent symbol of the region, the parks "Momina banya" and "Orfeev Dol", the Summer theater, the colonnade and the temples.

A 35-second promotional video recreates the mood of the Balkan adventure and reveals the details that were filmed by professional camera operators during the last editions of the competition. The concerts are usually broadcast live on the EuroFolkTV website at

The mineral waters of the ancient Roman city will "remember" the eleventh folklore competition, which traditionally will give new life to folklore traditions and customs. Groups and ensembles from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Italy and others participated in the musical celebration during the years.

Leave your mark on the event's concert programs by viewing its regulations and submitting your application for participation here.

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