An online performances and exhibitions project during the festival season aims to present the beauty of Chinese culture and share the joy of the Chinese New Year to the spectators home and abroad.
The International Festival of Arts in Shanghai will be opened on January 21st, 2023. The event will continue till February 5th, and through а “cloud viewing platform”, the stage will show high-definition videos, exhibitions, documentaries and other wonderful shows.
The celebration is going to show the beauty of Chinese culture, art and life to the world, explaining the excellent traditional Chinese culture with Chinese characteristics, reflecting Chinese spirit and containing Chinese wisdom.

Hosts are the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival, and co-organizers are the Shanghai Cultural Agency, the “Happy Chinese New Year - Pujiang Arts Collection” Online Performances & Exhibitions by the Center for China.

Click here for the entrance to the website, where you can learn more about the program of the event. You may also scan the attached QR code to switch to the website. 

All the performances are only available for 24 hours as scheduled on the programme list, which means you may watch certain performances for as many times as you would like but only within the 24 hours. And also, the launch time of each program will be the same as your local time, so the time difference will no longer be a problem.


Hope you will enjoy the Chinese New Year's celebration!