February 3rd is the deadline for submission of applications for participation in the International Online Festival and Competition "Under the Brazilian sun". The competition will be held remotely on February 10th, and its central location is Rio de Janeiro.

The event is appropriate for artists in the following fields: choreography art; vocal, choir performance; instrumental art; theater art; fashion theater; artistic creativity, applied arts; photo and video creativity; original genre and others.

You have time until the February 17th, to apply for the traditional edition of te Brazilian folklore festival "MUNDO EM DANÇA", organized by GruPesquisa and AnDanças Sepé Tiaraju. The fiesta will be held from 1 to 10 of September 2023.

Festival program includes dance performances, music concerts and workshops, located on different stages, as well as parades of participants, official meetings, cultural exchange and tours around. Performances will be held in Espumoso and the nearby towns. Espumoso and the towns around are participating together in this project and are open for the folklore diversity, the traditional performances of dance groups from all the Brazil states and abroad.

Take a look to the regulations of the both forums and choose whether to conqure the Brazilian stage virtual or in presence, because the time-limit for submission of new appications is coming soon. 

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