The European Association of Folklore Festivals calls on everyone who has the opportunity to show sympathy for those affected by the disaster in Turkey and Syria by lending a hand, through donation and a prayer.

Through our solidarity, let us show the victims of the earthquake that they are not alone in their troubles and give them the much-needed spiritual and material support.

Here are the international organizations through which we can help:

  • UNICEF - Teams of the International Children's Fund at the United Nations are on the ground in Syria, where they provide assistance to children and families, ready to provide assistance in Turkey as well.
  • World Food Programme - UN teams are in Syria and Turkey and are cooperating with local organizations to deliver emergency food packages.
  • Global Giving - The organization aims to connect smaller local organizations and contributors. Global Giving launched a special campaign to raise $5 million for the victims in Turkey and Syria. The money will provide food, shelter, water, as well as psychological support to the victims.
  • White Helmets - The organization is made up of 3,000 volunteers who have been working for many years in Syria and the funds provided to them will be used for equipment and supplies so that the volunteers can continue their search and rescue operations for survivors after the earthquake.
  • International Rescue Committee - They provide humanitarian aid to the areas affected by the war in Syria since 2012 and now by the severe natural disaster.
  • Doctors without borders - Their work is related to the provision of blankets and medical kits, as well as providing medical assistance to the wounded in northwestern Syria.

You can also provide assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria through the Platform of the BCause Foundation, which also works with three local organizations validated by CAF International:

Temel Ihtiyac Dernegi (TIDER - Basic Needs Association) - A food bank in Turkey that supplies food and water to the victims.

MULHAM Gönüllüler YARDIM Dernegi (Molham Volunteering Team) - a student volunteer organization that has launched an emergency fund to support the victims, and hundreds of volunteers are helping on the ground to rescue people in the ruins.

Toplum Gonulluleri Vakfi - a network of 16,000 currently enrolled volunteers. The funds will cover their needs when working in the field.