The Romanian VIII. International art festival "LIVEMUSEART FEST" will take place online on March 18 and 19, 2023, when the results of the competition will also be announced.

The online competition will include artists competing in a total of 9 categories and age groups: "Vocal Performance", "Instrumental Art" (soloists and chamber music groups), "Musical Creation/Composition", "Theatre", "Dance", "Painting", "Sketches", "Drawing" and "Photography".

The participants will be judged by a highly qualified jury consisting of recognized figures of culture and art: vocalists, composers, musicians, artistic directors, and the special prizes you can be awarded with are Grand Prix, 1st prize, 2nd prize , 3rd prize and honorable mention.

The eighth edition is collecting applications until March 15th, so there are less than 2 weeks left to join the festival's community of ambitious artists from around the world.

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