XXI. Festival days in Ohrid took place in the period April 20-24, 2023 and gave more than 300 participants from Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece a chance to perform.

The official concert took place on a stage in the Culture Center after a festival parade. At the closing ceremony of the forum, the organizers presented prizes to the groups.

Photos, exchange experiences and new Balkan friendships were created in an atmosphere of a mixture of rich history and modern life.

The host town has existed for 2,400 years and, apart from its lake of the same name, it is famous for having 365 churches - one for each day of the year, for which it is called the Macedonian Jerusalem - an unforgettable place for the participants, especially during the first week of Easter!

The performers returned to their countries with great memories and the desire to return to the festival stage again next year. During their stay, they enjoyed various excursions such as a boat trip to Saint Naum and a visit to the old town of Ohrid, Struga, etc.


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19 – 23 April 2024

XXI. Festival Days in Ohrid (April)

Ohrid North Macedonia