The International Folklore Dance and Music Festival "St. Kiril and St. Metodij" was held in the period 25-28 May 2023, welcoming 340 participants from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkiye, Albania, Serbia, Croatia.

The official festival evening created a festive mood in the central square of Ohrid town during the festive weekend dedicated to St. Cyril and St. Methodius.

All participants had the opportunity to visit the old part of Ohrid with organized local tour guides, Boat tour to St. Naum, visiting Struga town.

The groups exchanged professional experience at a specially organized gala evening with a workshop. The artists presented their traditional dances and had fun at the specially organized disco party, which lasted until midnight.
The guests returned to their countries with great memories and with hope to come back again next year, but also pleased to have had the opportunity to join various excursions.

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