Today, July 20, marks the 77th anniversary of the birth of Iliyan Nikolov. 

The prominent cultural worker will be remembered as the president of the Euro Folk Academy, the founder and chairman of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF and the World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF.

For 16 years of his life, the creator of the Festival No. 1 for traditional folklore arts in Europe - Stara Planina Festival "Balkan Folk", has been dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of folklore music values.

Iliyan Nikolov defined the Festival as a "Miracle born from the strong spirit of the Bulgarian people". His contribution to the field of folk values and his love for the Bulgarian is expressed in the organization of dozens of national, European and world festivals - part of the system of Music Feasts "Euro Folk".

In the spring of 2016, a monument was built, embodying the posthumous recognition of Iliyan Nikolov, and the monument was opened during the solemn event by the director general of UNESCO - Irina Bokova, the president of the European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF - Kaloyan Nikolov and the mayor of Veliko Tarnovo - Daniel Panov.

Let's traditionally remember the work and life of the public figure and his work for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage with the help of the two-part film "In memoriam" (part 1 - part 2) and the tapes about the traditions he bequeathed to future generations, which sealed the ceremony of the inauguration of the monument to Iliyan Nikolov by the Director General of UNESCO.

A deep bow to his bright memory!