The absolute winner of the 20th edition of the Black Sea Festival "Euro Folk" 2023, Grand Prix winner and winner of Golden "Orpheus" in 2023 is the Dance Ensemble "Southerners" from Haskovo. Art leader of the group is Vasko Dimov.

Black Sea Festival "Euro Folk" is a qualifying round of the Championship System of the European Association of Folk Festivals - EAFF.

Ranked participants in a competition program receive points in the World Folklore Ranking List of the World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF.

This year, more than 1,000 participants from 60 vocal groups, dance ensembles, orchestras, ensembles and individual performers from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria performed on the stages of the Black Sea Festival "Euro Folk".

On the Sea Stage in the town of Tsarevo and on the stage of the Kremikovtsi complex in Kiten, hundreds of singers, dancers and musicians of all ages expressed their love for folklore and turned the gathering into one of the most colorful musical events of the Musical Feasts "Euro Folk".

The jury committee was composed of: maestro Georgi Yankov - music specialist and choir conductor and Mr. Valentin Halvadzhiev - choreographer. On the two competition days, the online jury of the festival was Mrs. Mariana Nutsova - ethnologist and program director of EurofolkTV.

The jury awarded the First Golden "Orpheus" award in the separate categories to the following compositions:

  • Women's high singing group at "Sv. Sv. Cyril and Methodius - 1926" Community center, village of Satovcha, with artistic director Maria Chobanova
  • Women's singing group for authentic folklore at the "Narodni buditeli - 1925" Community center, Avren village, Krumovgrad municipality with artistic director Stefka Chausheva
  • Folklore Ensemble "Gornopolska pesen" at "Probuda - 1923" Community center, Ovchartsi village, Sapareva banya municipality with artistic director Violeta Katsareva
  • Mixed Folk Choir at "Napreduk - 1869"  Community center, Pirdop, with artistic director maestro Kuzman Kuzmanov
  • Ensemble for authentic folklore at "Docho Mihailov - 1906" Community center, Babuk village, Silistra, with artistic director Neno Petrov
  • Dance group for spring folklore at "Iskra - 1872" Community center, Popintsi village, Panagyurishte, with artistic director Lushka Terziyska
  • Women's Folk Choir at "Razvitie - 1902"  Community center, Merdanya village, Lyaskovets, Veliko Tarnovo, with artistic director Krasimira Koleva
  • Club for folk songs and dances "Valdens Pobeda" - Veliko Tarnovo, with artistic director Tatyana Valeva
  • Group for authentic folklore "Dyado, baba i vnuche" at "Otets Paisiy - 1909"  Community center, Malevo village, Smolyan, with artistic director Dimitar Sivakov

With a diploma from the mayor of Tsarevo Municipality - Eng. Georgi Lapchev, the Folklore Ensemble "Georgi Chilingirov" at the "Otets Paisiy -1926"  Community center, village of Polkovnik Serafimovo, was awarded. Artistic director - Sabi Kaidzhiev.

The Folklore ensemble "Gornopolska pesen" from village of Ovchartsi can be proud of the special award of Eurofolk TV.

A parade with more than 20 groups and more than 350 participants delighted the guests and residents of Kiten. The stage performances were broadcast online on the EAFF and EurofolkTV streaming platforms. The Eurofolk TV team will make a documentary film about the festival, which will follow the proceedings in detail and you will be able to hear the first reactions of the groups winners.

Thanks to the good weather and the excellent organization, the Festival will leave good memories and many new friends.

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