This year's winner of the XII Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva voda 2024" is the Representative Ensemble "Folklorika" from FOLKLORIKA EOOD - Sofia, led by Evelina Pavlova, Georgi Pavlov and Mariana Zhivankina. The ensemble received the gold medal of the Championship, the Grand Prix Golden "Orpheus" prize, the title "Absolute Balkan Folklore Champion for 2024", as well as a check worth BGN 1,000, provided by the Municipality of Hisarya.

"Thank you very much to the jury, the mayor of the municipality and this wonderful festival for the initiative, because of which we have gathered here today" - this is how a representative of the "Folklorika" ensemble expressed his excitement at being awarded the prestigious award.

The second place of the XII Balkan Championship of Folklore "Euro Folk - Jiva voda 2024" was awarded by the jury to the Men's Folklore Group "KAMENCHANI" from the "Vasil Levski 1904" Primary School, Velingrad, led by Elin Kostadinov. The composition received the silver medal and the Silver Orpheus of the Balkan Championship, as well as the title of Balkan Vice-Champion in Folklore for 2024.

The third place was taken by the "Srednogorski polah" dance group of the non-profit association "TS Srednogorski polah" - the city of Ihtiman, led by Desislava Ivanova. The composition received the bronze medal and the Bronze Orpheus of the Championship.

During the three competition programs of  "Euro Folk - Jiva voda 2024", nearly 200 folk groups and individual performers took part, who also took part in the parade of the participants. A side event of the Balkan Championship was the Competition for Traditional Breads - original pies and various pasta products from different regions of Bulgaria were located in the lobby of the "Ivan Vazov" FC. The awarded bread and pasta makers will be included with interviews in the review film about the Balkan Championship and the television show "Folklore Table", and part of the loaves were donated to the Old People's Home "St. Ioan Rilski" in the village of Starosel.

The special award of the "Ivan Vazov 1904" NCH - city of Hisarya, a plaque and a diploma of the host community center and co-organizer of the music forum, went to the "Tangra" folk dance ensemble of the "Na orishteto" Association, Popintsi village, commune. Panagyurishte, with the village of Maria Shangova.

The plaque and diploma of the Municipality of Hisarya was won by the Representative Folklore Ensemble "BULGARANI" of the "BULGARANI" Association - Sofia, with master maestro Vladimir Nedev.

A free video clip, the award of Euro Folk TV – the main media partner of the Balkan Championship, was given to the Authentic Folklore Group "Grandfather, Grandmother and Grandson" at the "Father Paisiy - 1909" Primary School, Malevo village, commune. Chepelare.

The award of the European Association of Folklore Festivals, under whose auspices the Championship was held, went to the "Belchinche" Children's Group at the "Svetlina - 1909" Primary School, Belchin village, commune. Samokov, with Dr. Daniela Georgieva.

The award of the EuroFolk Academy goes to the "Orpheus" Vocal Formation of the Society for Friendship with the Peoples of Russia and the CIS, Plovdiv, led by maestro-academic Violeta Kovacheva.

The jury was composed of maestro Georgi Yankov - music specialist and choir conductor, Mr. Valentin Halvadzhiev - choreographer and author of dozens of dance works and Mrs. Mariana Nutsova - ethnologist, program director of EurofolkTV.

"The biggest winner is the love for folklore, the love and respect for our ancestors and the obligation to pass it forward in time," said Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov, president of the European Association of Folklore Festivals EAFF, on stage, in front of the emotional audience.

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