First place at the XVI European Folklore Championship "Euro Folk" was awarded to the "Valchineteni" Folk Dance Ensemble from the House of Culture in Călărași, Republic of Moldova, with artistic director Igor Filipchuk. The ensemble received the gold medal of the championship, the Grand Prix Golden Orpheus award, the title of "Absolute European Folklore Champion for 2024," as well as a check for 1000 BGN provided by the Euro Folk Academy. "Huge thanks! Thanks to everyone," said a representative of the "Valchineteni" Folk Dance Ensemble.

The concert evenings of the sixteenth edition, held from June 26 to 30, 2024, took place on the stage of the amphitheater, which the Championship turned into a symbol of the diversity of our continent. The proud host of the event was Nessebar, one of the oldest cities in Europe, founded more than 3200 years ago, known for its rich heritage and unique atmosphere that captivated all participants.

Second place was awarded by the jury to the "Gordia" Children's Folklore Dance Ensemble from Batumi, Georgia, with artistic director Nona Kamashidze. The ensemble received the silver medal and the Silver Orpheus of the European Championship, as well as the title of European Folklore Vice-Champion for 2024.

Third place was awarded to the "Yasnitsa" Choral Studio from Romania, with artistic director Olga Chernieko. The ensemble received the bronze medal and the Bronze Orpheus of the European Folklore Championship "Euro Folk."

The special award of the European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF) was given to the Representative Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances "Kitna Trakiya" from the "Trakiya - 2008" Community Center, Haskovo, with artistic director Rousko Rousev.

The "Izvorash" Folk Dance Ensemble from the House of Culture in Călărași, Republic of Moldova, with artistic director Gheorghe Furculiță, was awarded a Diploma and a gift set from the Municipality of Nessebar.

A Diploma and a gift for the youngest participants were awarded to 5-year-old Vyara Kunitska and 6-year-old Vlad Filipchuk.

"There is great joy on stage because everyone received the deserved recognition from the jury, but the most important thing is that folklore won the hearts of the audience and all the performers for the future. Our most important mission is the transmission of the wisdom of our ancestors to the next generations, the transmission of hopes for a better life and love among people, so thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the organizers, the Municipality of Nessebar, and the participants!" With these words, Mr. Kaloyan Nikolov, President of the European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF), officially closed the forum.

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