On July 10th, Wednesday, starting at 14:00 EEST, the YouTube channel "EurofolkTV" will broadcast the online premiere of a film showcasing the impressive performances and unique atmosphere of the XXVII Stara Planina Folk Festival "Balkan Folk".

The production was filmed during the event held from May 8th to May 13th at the Summer Theater in Marno Pole Park, Veliko Tarnovo, featuring performances by over 130 folklore groups and individual performers.

The forum captivated folklore enthusiasts with its incredible musical and dance interpretations. The film premiere is expected to immerse viewers in the spirit of one of the leading folklore festivals in the region.

It not only presents musical and dance programs but also behind-the-scenes moments, interviews with performers and organizers, and event highlights, showcasing the diversity and uniqueness of folklore heritage.

Visit the "EurofolkTV" YouTube channel on July 10th, Wednesday, from 14:00 EEST to experience the magic and witness the most thrilling festival moments.

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