31 August 2014

Folklore ensemble from Indonesia won the title „Absolute world Champion of Folklore” for 2014

Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa folklore ensemble from Indonesia categorically won the title „Absolute World Champion of Folklore for 2014“ at the IV World Champion of Folklore „World folk 2014”. The ensemble from Jakarta convinced with its virtuoso performances the International Jury of the forum with chairman prof. Nikolay Kravtsov and won 66,17 points in the second selection of the nominated with Golden “Orpheus” collectives
29 August 2014

Five new nominations Golden “Orpheus” at World folk 2014

Golden medals and nominations or Golden “Orpheus” receved the soloists from the folklore group “Margarither – "Hifolk", – Yerevan, Armenia; Childrens Dance ensemble „Dank“- Moscow, Russia; “Goruda Muda” Orchestra and the folklore ensemble “Gantari Gita Khatulistiwa” from Jakarta, Indonesia; the vocal-instrumental group “Naghmeh” from Esvahan, Iran.
25 August 2014

Three nominations for Golden “Orpheus” until the moment at the IV World Championship of Folklore “World folk 2014”

The highest distinction received “Ot izvora” at 74-th Secondary school „Gotse Delchev ” - Sofia, Leo Mokodompit, individual performer from Jakarta, Indonesia and the Mandolin orchestra from Dugo selo, Croatia. The nominated received golden medals and the titles „World Champion of Folklore 2014”, as they will compete in the second selection of the Championship for the title „Absolute World Champion of Folklore 2014”, for Grand Prix Golden “Orpheus”, for check for the amount of 1000 Euro.
25 August 2014

The Bulgarian National Television is Media partner of the IV World Championship of Folklore "World folk 2014"

The state television will broadcaste sumery film about championship
23 August 2014

Congratulating letter from Mr. George Fradsen – General secretary of IOV – UNESKO to World folk 2014

Much credit goes to the European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF) for the competitions it organizes for groups at all levels. Competition festivals motivate and inspire individual performers and groups to achieve the highest standards of excellence.
23 August 2014

The IV World Championship of Folklore „World folk 2014“ was opened

The International organization of Folklore Arts IOV – UNESCO supports World folk 2014
20 August 2014

More than 2000 performers of dozens of countres from all over the world will arrive for the IV World Shampionship of Folklore World folk 2014

The large forum starts on 21 August and will end 31 August, as it will take place in region of the South Bulgarian Black Sea coast
1 September 2013

The Folklore Ensemble "Domog" from Ulan Bator, Mongolia won the title "Absolute World Champion of Folklore" for year 2013.

The Mongolians impressed both the audience and the jury with their masterly performances, amazing choreography, original costumes and the unique compositions of the string quartet at the ensemble.
27 August 2013

Six nominations for a Golden Orpheus so far

So far nominations have been received by Trio "Manista" - Municipality of Burgas, the young talents Michaela Ivanova and Atanas Monev from Dobrich, Ensemble “Iskritca” from Kaloyanovo, KUD "Ohriganka" from Ohrid, Macedonia, The Ensemble of Folk Instruments "Gunda" from Suhum and the Orchestra of folk instruments from Lida Belarus.
26 August 2013

Official opening of the Third edition of “World folk 2013”

The First nomination "Golden Orpheus" has been grabbed by Trio "Manista" at Municipality of Burgas with art director Veselin Todorov