8 September 2015

In Hungary the national holiday was celebrated with International Folklore Festival

Folk dance groups and majorettes from 9 countries became part of the celebration
8 September 2015

850 children and young people presented their traditional art at the International Folklore Festival „Catalina“ in Romania

The international jury evaluated them in two categories in two age groups
7 September 2015

Ensemble „Resowia Saltans“ from Poland went home with Grand Prix "Orpheus" from XII Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk 2015"

Total 10 folklore groups and individual performers received First Prize Gold "Orpheus" in different categories from 90 groups with 1600 participants in fest.
4 September 2015

"From folklore to modern dance" in Durres, Albania

10 groups showed their cultures and traditional folklore arts
3 September 2015

XII Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk 2015"

Two teams from Bulgaria with First Gold awards "Orpheus"
31 August 2015

„Pologrodzhianie“ ensemble from Poland won Gran Prix of World Folk 2015

Special guests of the Official closing ceremony of the V World Championship of Folklore were representatives of 3 embassies
31 August 2015

"Folklore Friends" gathered together at a festival in Romania

10 groups from 5 countries were celebrating cultural diversity
31 August 2015

"Bracciano Castle" festival welcomed 14 groups of 8 countries

Official guest was Mrs Zeinep Selve - cultural attachè of Turkish Embassy in Rome.
27 August 2015

III International Festival "Days of Debartsa" was held with great success

18 folklore groups sang and danced under the Old Chinar in Ohrid
24 August 2015

IX International Folklore Festival "Ohrid Sun" was held in an ancient stage in Ohrid

10 groups from 6 countries took part in the festival