13 May 2015

European Folklore Heritage

Funding will be for 25 people from each 12 EU countries for 5-day period of the World Championship of folklore World Folk 2015.
10 May 2015

Hayk Mkhоyan from Armenia is singing about the price of freedom

He presented himself at the festival "Balkan Folk 2015" in Bulgaria
10 May 2015

Dancers from "Bangong" brought the spirit of Asia in Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo "welcomed" the culture of Indonesia
9 May 2015

Ensemble for music and folk dances "Tineretea" worthy presented itself on the Bulgarian scene

In XIX Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk" are participating over 200 groups and more than 5,000 artists from 7 countries
7 May 2015

Stara Planina Fest „Balkan Folk” becomes international

Besides Bulgarian groups, we expect attractive performances in the old town from participants from Moldova, Romania, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Armenia
5 May 2015

The program of the Championship "Jiva Voda" is available now.

"The young and the older have gathered again ..."
28 April 2015

Pieria Prefecture awaits you at the VI International Folklore Festival

The festival will be held in Litohoro - Platamonas - Dion, Greece
24 April 2015

Four championships – summer folklore challenge

We are expecting to see you there!
17 April 2015

Balkan Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk – Jiva Voda 2015” is expecting you

Extended Deadline for registration of participants
31 March 2015

International Folk Festival "Perea - Thessaloniki" - Greece

Last chance to participate in International Folk Festival "Perea - Thessaloniki" - 31 July - 4 August 2015.