1 January - 31 December 2022

Application Form

  31 October 2022

The European television championship “Euro Folk 2022” is taking part within the Musical Feasts “Euro Folk 2022” – The world is television. The Musical feasts “Euro Folk” last during the entire year of 2022 under the aegis of the European Association of Folklore Festivals EAFF. In 2021, within the Musical Feasts “Euro Folk”, ninety international musical festivals were held in different countries and in 2022 besides them the European television championship for folklore shall be held. We are expecting other festivals for traditional and folklore arts to join us.



Any team or individual performer could participate in the European television championship for folklore “Euro Folk 2022” if they comply with the following conditions:

1. Fill an application form for participation;
2. Send to the address stated below two of their performances on DVD. If you have participated in a Festival of Musical Feasts "Euro Folk", you participate with ready recordings from the festival.
3. Pay on the bank account stated below the participation fee in the amount of 150 EUR. This sum is also considered as the subscription to the European Association for Folklore Festivals – EAFF for 2022.


The performances of the participants in the European television championship for folklore “Euro Folk 2022” are going to be shown on the World Internet television “EuroFolkTV” at http://tv.eurofolk.com at least three times a day, during a month. The program for the respective month will include performances of groups and individual performers who have submitted their application form at least 60 days before the beginning of the month. Example: In January 2022 there are going to be included performances of groups, who have submitted application form by the end of October 2021.


The ranking will be done depending on the votes of the audience, submitted to E-mail: eaff@eaff.eu. The message must contain the following text:

 “For the championship – number of category and number of the respective performance.”

 Only one vote shall be counted for the respective month, coming form the same e-mail address.


In each of the following categories, there will be First Award to be given every month. The categories are:

1. folklore songs;
2. folklore dances;
3. individual performers;

The awarded groups and individual performers will receive a First Award Winning Diploma for the relevant category.

Each month, the performance that received the most votes will receive Grand Prix. The group who received a Grand Prix will also receive a diploma for European folklore champion for the relevant month.

The winner-teams receive their diplomas by the Mayor of the relevant Municipality.

In January 2023 there will be a championship for the annual First Awards by categories and Grand Prix. The winners of the twelve months of 2022 will participate in this championship. Participants who received awards will also receive a diploma for European folklore champion in the relevant category, and their leader – a diploma for “Maestro” of Euro Folk Academy.

General Conditions

Each of the participants, being the holder of the copyright, gives their consent for the performances to be shown in the TV products of Euro Folk Academy.

No remuneration shall be paid to the participants in European television championship for folklore “Euro Folk”.


The bank account for paying the participation fee of 150 Euro is:

ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD
Central Bank address: 26 Todor Aleksandrov bul., 1303 Sofia ,Bulgaria
IBAN No:            BG79PRCB92301050446601
SWIFT:               PRCBBGSF
RECEIVER:       Association EAFF

Receiver address: 47 Nikola Gabrovski str., 5002 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


The sum must be paid after the application form has been confirmed by EAFF. 

The address, where you should send your DVD is:
 5002 Veliko Tarnovo
 Post Box: 27A
 European Association for Folklore Festivals EAFF
 For Euro Folk

 The organizers reserve the right not to broadcast materials which are not corresponding to the minimal artistic or technical requirements.

Champions for July

"Libe Petrano" — Children's folklore group "Slantse" at "Prosveta - 1929" Community center

  Boshulya village, September municipality     Bulgaria
Folklore Songs

"Po Gergyovden" — Representative Ensemble "Folklorika" at School of Folk Dances "Folklorika"

  Sofia     Bulgaria
Folklore Dances

"Eleno mome" — Tsvetan Gatev at National school of folklore arts "Filip Kutev"

  Kotel     Bulgaria
Individual Performers

Champions for June

Songs from Lithuania — Folklore group "Ratilėlis" at Cultural Center

  Kaunas     Lithuania
Folklore Songs

"Eski", "Krivoto" — Dance group "Pirinska magia" at "Prosveta - 1937" Community center

  Marikostinovo village, Petrich municipality     Bulgaria
Folklore Dances

"Saya sam vecher, sama samichka" — Temenuzhka Kaidzhieva at "Otets Paisiy 1926" Community center

  Polkovnik Serafimovo village, Smolyan municipality     Bulgaria
Individual Performers

Champions for May

"Nakichila Tota" — Chamber Youth Formation "Zornitsa" at "Trudolyubie 1884" Community center

  Byala, Russe region     Bulgaria
Folklore Songs

"Zborenichki" — Zaspół Goralski Harnasie to Polish Highlander Association of Canada

  Mississauuga, Ontario     Canada
Folklore Dances

"Mominoto tsveke" — Elitsa Borisova at Children-Youth Folklore Ensemble "Graovche"

  Pernik     Bulgaria
Individual Performers

Champions for April

"Zarad tebe, mome mori" — Folklore Choir at Children-Youth Folklore Ensemble "Bulgarche"

  Veliko Tarnovo     Bulgaria
Folklore Songs

"Jucăusii din Ocolis" — Culture Group at Association “Plaiuri Ariesene”

  Turda     Romania
Folklore Dances

"Mome Neveno" — Nia Tankova at Formation for Authentic Folklore "Kuklitsi"

  Plovdiv     Bulgaria
Individual Performers

Champions for March

"Gora se vie i razviva" — Folklore group "Rupchos" at "Nikola Y. Vaptsarov 1936" Community center

  Hvoyna village, Chepelare municipality     Bulgaria
Folklore Songs

“Setu Kadrel” — "Känd ja Käbid" to Nômme Cultural Centre

  Tallin     Estonia
Folklore Dances

"Luiz Erevats" — Lilit Hambardzumyan at World Association of Performing Arts

  Yerevan     Armenia
Individual Performers

Champions for February

"Zagubi si Yanka chehlite" — Children's folklore ensemble "Shareno gerdanche" at Center for Youth Activities and Initiatives

  Targovishte     Bulgaria
Folklore Songs

"Dances and songs from Podegrodzie region" — Folklore dance ensemble "Poligrodzianie" to Poznan University of Technology

  Poznan     Poland
Folklore Dances

"Rosni mi, rosni, rositse" — Borislava Gaykova at Non-profit association "Petnadeset laleta"

  Hisarya     Bulgaria
Individual Performers

Champions for January

"Zastanalo slantse" — "Belchinche" Children's group at "Svetlina - 1909" Community center

  Belchin village, Samokov municipality      Bulgaria
Folklore Songs

"Pirinska syuita" — Ensemble for folklore songs and dances "Nikola Vaptsarov" at "Otets Paisiy - 1919" Community center

  Sandanski     Bulgaria
Folklore Dances

"Yove, Yovke" — Nataliya Elenkova at "Probuda - 1923" Community center

  Ovchartsi village, Sapareva banya municipality     Bulgaria
Individual Performers