Lugoj Melos Fest
Intenational Arts Festival
3rd Edition
Application period: 15th MAY – 22nd JULY
Results: 27TH JULY


1. Vocal performance
2. Instrumental art ( Soloists and Chamber Music groups)
3. Musical creativity/ Composition
4. Theatre
5. Dance
6. Painting
7. Sketches
8. Drawing

Age Categories:

A – AGE 6 - 8
B – AGE 9 – 10
C – AGE 11- 12
D – AGE 13-14
E – AGE 15-16
F – AGE 17-18
G – AGE 19 – 23
H – AGE 24 – 29
I – without age limit

Participation fee:

  • 30 euro – soloists
  • 30 euro/participant – duets, trios, quartets

Participation fee includes:

  • Competitive international diploma with stamp (by email)
  • Thank you Letters for teachers
  • Opportunity to win a special prize from the jury and the organizing committee of the festival
You can submit 1 entry for one fee, for each next entry is required another payment
* Participation fees must be transferred before the start of the festival through the Bank transfer or by Paypal. The costs of international money transfers must be covered by participants.If you go in person to the bank to make the payment please ask for the additional costs.

Festival jury and general performance evaluation:

  • Participants will be judged by a highly qualified jury consisting of recognized cultural and artistic people: vocalists, composers, musicians, art directors
  • The jury's decision is final and not subject to review.
  • The organizing committee is not responsible for the decision of the jury and the awarding of places to participants.

Special prizes and awards:

Special prizes for participation in other competitions organised by LiveMuseArt

Video requirements:

- Only videos with the option PUBLIC or UNLISTED published on YOUTUBE platform are accepted to the competition
- We accept amateur and professional videos made no more than 1 year ago.
- The use of videos taken during other competitions and concerts is allowed.
- Duration of Soloist performances – maximum 10 minutes in total
- Duration of the Chamber Music groups performance- maximum 15 minutes in total
- You can submit each work in a different video and maximum two youtube links can be entered
*** for the sections with Painting, Drawing, Sketches, the works will be submitted in pdf file format that will be attached to our confirmation of participation email


1. Fill in the application form for online participation in the International Competition, indicate there a link to the video of your performance in YOUTUBE, your contacts.
2. The organizers will contact you and send you payment details by mail and also request the materials in pdf file format for the non-music sections
We wish you Good Luck!

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.


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19 – 23 Август 2021

Международный фольклорный фестиваль “ДРУЗЬЯ ФОЛЬКЛОРА – ВМЕСТЕ!”

Тыргу Муреш - Тырнэвени Румыния
18 – 22 Август 2022

International Folklore Festival "FOLK FRIENDS – TOGETHER!"

Тыргу Муреш - Тырнэвени Румыния

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