Venue: Central Officers Club of the Russian Aerospace Forces
Festival Hotel: Art-Moscow Hotel**** 

Prize info:

The III International Prize in the field of performing arts "FOLK-STAR" (hereinafter referred to as the Prize) is held to popularize the traditional folk culture and preserve the multinational cultural heritage of Russia.
The main objectives of the Prize:
  • Acquaintance with the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia
  • Development of friendship, mutual understanding and cultural cooperation between creative teams of the Russian Federation and foreign countries
  • Development of public diplomacy through the establishment of cultural ties between the peoples of different countries

Terms and procedure:

The festival-competition is held both offline and online.
Until November 1, 2023 - Acceptance of applications 
December, 2
Placement of video performances of online participants in our group account and start of online voting for the Audience Choice Award December, 8
Arrival of regional and foreign participants to Moscow. Check-in at the festival hotel.
December, 9
Competition day.
  1. round (Qualifying)
Competitive performances. Meeting with the jury.
Activity with the groups. Masterclasses.
Awarding of participants of the I round. Announcement of the finalists - nominees of the Prize.
  1. round (Super-final): 
Gala concert with the participation of the finalists-nominees of the Prize. The ceremony of awarding the absolute winners of the “Folk Star” Award.
December, 10
Sightseeing Moscow tour. Friends’ dinner.
December, 11
Departure of participants


  1. Folklore - theatrical performances, rituals, unique original genres - epic, legends, throat singing and others.
  2. Vocal - authentic, folk, folk in modern processing in any genre: classical academic singing, pop singing, jazz, etc.
  3. Choirs
  4. Folk instruments - orchestras, ensembles of folk instruments and individual performers
  5. Choreography - folk dance, folk-stylized dance, ethnic dance, modern dance, pop dance, dance show.
  6. Fashion theaters - national costume, ready-to-wear, evening wear, historical costume, contemporary costume, fancy dress, stage costume.
  7. Theatrical creativity - an artistic word, an author's poem, excerpts from musical and dramatic performances, puppet theaters, shadow theaters, a one-man show and others.

Age categories:

  1. 7-9 years old
  2. 10-12 years old
  3. 13-16 years old
  4. 17-44 years old
  5. 45 and over
*Note: In the nominations " Fashion theatres" and "Theatrical creativity" nominees are not distributed by age categories.

Rounds of the prize:

The absolute winners of the Prize are determined in 2 rounds:
I ROUND - Qualifying
All participants of the Prize who have submitted an application and paid target fee participate in the I ROUND. According to the results of the I ROUND in each nomination and age category, the titles of Laureates of I, II, III degrees are awarded. The 14 laureates with the most points become nominees for the “Folk Star” Award.
II ROUND  -  Superfinal
14 (fourteen) Prize nominees are admitted to the II Round. The Superfinal is held during the Gala Concert. Prize nominees are not distributed by age categories. 
The jury selects 7 (seven) Grand Prix winners and 7 (seven) Absolute Winners - laureates of the “Folk Star” Prize 

Terms for participation in the competition:

  • To participate in the Prize, you must apply and pay a target fee. 
  • Application deadline is November, 5.
  • Both amateur and professional children's, youth and adult dance ensembles, choirs, vocal ensembles, soloists, instrumental groups, folklore groups, fashion studios, fashion designers, masters of stage costumes and national clothes are invited to participate in the Prize.
  • Performances of groups should be based on the national, folk material of any country or region, both in authentic, traditional or modern processing.
  • The age of participants from 7 years and older without limitation.
  • Each participant of the I ROUND performs 1 competitive work. Duration of the performance is up to 5 minutes. If the performance time is exceeded without the consent of the jury, the performance will be interrupted.
  • Participants of the II ROUND perform 1 competitive work. It is possible to perform the program of the I ROUND or perform a new program. Duration of the performance is up to 5 minutes.


  • Laureates of I, II or III degrees are awarded with a diploma and a cup.
  • Laureates of the Grand Prix are awarded with a diploma, a cup and a souvenir.
  • Winners of the Folk Star Prize are awarded with a diploma, a cup, a prize and a Letter of Appreciation from the partners of the Prize.
  • All participants are rewarded with branded souvenirs.
  • Art directors are awarded with Letters of Appreciation
  • The best performers might be invited to participate in concerts, tours and festivals in Russia and abroad on a free or preferential basis.


  • To identify the winners of the Prize, a Jury is created. Jury includes cultural and art figures, famous artists, art-directors, teachers, representatives of creative, public and government organizations in Russia and foreign countries.
  • The Chairman of the Jury has the right to 2 votes in case of a dispute.
  • The Jury may decide to cancel the competition in one of the nominations or combine the age categories specified in this regulation due to an insufficient number of applications submitted.  The decision of the Jury is final and not subject to discussion.

Criteria for evaluation:

  • Technique of performance - the level of skill and artistry, the degree of mastery of the techniques of folk performance.
  • Artistic impression - the artistic value of the repertoire (ethnographic accuracy or dignity of processing or stylization of a work), reflection of the national material and its unique regional features, conformity of styles, manners of performance of national oral, musical, singing, dance traditions.
  • Presentation - the artistic level of design (costumes, props) and its compliance with national traditions, the use of traditional musical instruments.
  • Difficulty of performance and compliance of the repertoire with age.

Financial conditions:

Participation fee:

Financing of the Award is carried out at the expense of target fee (donations) of participants.
Festival package “Every 16th is free” (15+1)
  • 275 euro per person.

Participation fee includes:

  • DBL/TWIN accommodation in hotel 4* (4 days/3 nights in Moscow) in Standard Room
  • Meals: HB (3 buffet breakfasts + 3 set dinners)
  • Airport - hotel - airport transfer
  • Moscow city guided tour
  • English-speaking guide
  • Competition fee for one nomination
  • Transfer to the venue of the competition and back
  • Cup and diploma for a group
  • Souvenir for each participant
  • Letter of thanks to the art director
  • Professional photos
  • Every 16th is free
  • Travel expense to Moscow and back is not included in the price. 
  • The recommended date of arrival at Moscow: December 8. Departure date: December 11.
  • Check-in time: 14:00 (2PM), check-out: 12:00
  • Guests can extend their stay. Extra night HB - 38euro/per person in DBL.
Payment order:
  • The target fee is paid within 3 days after receiving the Confirmation and Invoice.
  • The hotel is booked after receipt of 50% deposit payment of the cost of the target fee. Deposit is made within 3 days after receiving the Confirmation and Invoice.
  • If payment is not received within the period specified in the Confirmation, the hotel reservation is canceled without warning.
  • Full payment is due November 10, 2023.
  • If the target fee for participation in the Prize is paid by the organization, it is necessary to provide details of the legal entity. Original documents (contract, invoice, certificate of completion of work) are provided upon arrival or sent by mail.
  • In case of refusal to participate in the festival, the amount of registration fee is not refunded.
  • In case of cancellation of participation in the Prize from 30 to 14 days before the date of arrival, a hotel penalty of 50% of the cost of the festival package fee will be charged; less than 7 days before the date of arrival, the festival package fee is not refundable.
Force majeure:
  • In case of refusal to participate in the Prize due to force majeure circumstances relating to the participant, the refund is made minus the actual expenses incurred and taking into account the penalties of the hotel.
  • Each team/participant, along with the application, provides:
  • Information about yourself no more than 10 lines
  • Color photo, 1 piece
  • By submitting an application for participation in the Prize, the team/participant agrees with the terms of the Prize, the use of photo and video materials of the participant for publication on public networks, and also agrees to the collection, processing and storage of personal data by the organizers of the competition.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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