The oldest remains related to human settlement in Tekirdağ have been found in the finds located around the village of Karansilli, Balıtepe near Malkara, Yatak, and Kustepe. These are open-air find places with tools belonging to the Paleolithic Age. They can be dated typologically between one million years and 250 thousand years ago. Menekse Catagı, located just east of Tekirdag, is a place of finds from the Chalcolithic Age to the Hellenistic Period .Tekirdağ’s old history is parallel to other provinces in Thrace; The region, which was first occupied by the Thracians, was conquered by I. Murat in 1357 after the reign of Macedonian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine eras and joined the Ottoman lands. Tekirdağ, which hosted the rebellious Hungarian prince Rakoczi, who fought independence against the Austrian Empire in 1703, was a sanjak center of the Edirne province in the late Ottoman period. The province, which had a Russian occupation in the 93 War (1878), a Bulgarian in the Balkan War (1912) and a Greek occupation after the World War I (1920-1922), permanently joined t There are numerous works worth seeing in Tekirdağ. Interesting points of visit include the 17th-century Turkish house, where Hungary’s independence hero Ferenc Rakoczi, who fought against Austria, stayed in the Ottoman Empire in the years 1720-1735. The house is today a museum carries the identity of the ownership of the Hungarian government and Hungarian visiting Turkey is indispensable frequented locations.In addition, Namık Kemal House, which was the birthplace of Namık Kemal and arranged for its name, was museumized. There is an open-air stage and a viewing area in  the garden. There is an exhibition hall in the basement. It is possible to see ethnographic items in the bedroom section and the works written by the famous poet are worth seeing.In the city center, there is the only statue of Atatürk in the same dimensions as the reality.An average of 1 week events are organized under the name of Tekirdag Cherry Festival every year in June. The festival is an important tourist activity for the city center today.

Festival will start at 17 JULY 2024 16:00 and will end at 21 JULY 2024 10:00.

TECHNICAL & ARTISTIC INFORMATIONS: All the basic needs are provided by the festival organization, such as lightening, microphones on one side of the stage for musicians. The groups will perform at the open-air stages mostly during the nights, however some daily performances will be in festival schedule as well.

FESTIVAL MEDICAL INSURANCE: All groups are required to secure MEDICAL INSURANCE before coming to festival. Organization committee won’t pay any medical or hospital cost incurred at the festival period. However, for any emergency situations, we will provide an ambulance.


  • 9 years old and above dancers can join the festival.
  • Singing ensembles, majorettes, chorus, folk dance and modern dance groups are welcome to participate.
  • Groups will present a performances of 5,10,15 minutes.
  • Music can be live or CD

Participation fee:

  • 150 Euro per person - 4 nights / We will provide to you Brekafast and accommodation at the 3 * hotel centrum in Ataşehir and Maltepe. Each room has 2-3 beds, toilet, showers.
  • 185 Euro per person - 4 nights / We will provide to you Brekafast + traditional dinner and accommodation at the 3 *  hotel centrum in Ataşehir and Maltepe. Each room has 2-3 beds, toilet, showers.
  • If group come more than 30 people one leader free. 40 people and more 2 free.

AIRPORT TRANSFER: 42 people on the bus, 25 euros per person, round trip;30 people on the bus, 30 euros per person, round trip;20 people on the bus, 35 euros per person, round trip;10 people on the bus, 40euros per person, round trip

TRANSPORTATIONS: If group is going to by PLANE, we are going to hire the bus for their all ground transportations.  Groups will pay this bus cost. Bus, serves throughout the festival dates (Airport transfers, excursions program transfers (group will visit historical area in Europe side only once), and transfers to the field performance). At the first day of the festival transportation fee should be paid to the festival committee.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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