Conditions for participation:

  • Ensemble taking part in the Festival should not outnumber 50 persons (including: leaders, drivers, interpreters and other people). Groups exceeding this number should not be admitted to take part. 
  • Ensemble must not make any other engagements within the festival period and should take part in rehearsals and concert/s, included in the festival program.
  • Festival expects the Ensemble to arrive at the hotel up to 12:00 a.m. on 15 August (Wednesday) and to leave on 19 August (Monday) 2024.
  • Ensemble is obliged to make medical insurance for the members of the group for the whole festival period, which should be submitted at the frontier-post when crossing the border of Romania.
  • The Festival expects Ensemble to give two performances daily and/or in the evening on the open-air and indoor stages and to take part in the processions along the streets of the town. Performances are usually between 5-10-15 minutes. The Ensemble may be asked to perform in some venues where it is not appropriate for the whole group to appear. Information on the group’s suitability for such performances would be useful.
  • Ensemble must strictly observe the festival program/schedule as well as the duration of its concert performances. The Ensemble can perform at other venues only after an agreement with the Festival.
  • Ensemble may be programmed to appear at various promotional events in Tarnaveni - Targu Mures and nearby towns.
  • Ensemble must bring a national flag of its country.
  • Ensemble should perform under the accompaniment of live or recorded music. The Festival will provide sound equipment whenever appropriate. 
  • Festival provides for all groups spare time for rest when a cultural and tourist program will be proposed to participants.
  • Ensemble grants gratuitously to the Festival its copyright to broadcast live and make audio-visual recordings (for radio and television) of the performances given by the Ensemble during the festival.

Participation fee:

  • 175 Euro per person

Participation fee includes:

  • The Festival provides for the Ensemble accommodation, meals (FB: breakfast, lunch-package and dinner) during its stay in Tarnaveni/Targu Mures-Romania within the festival period at the price of 175 euro/person. Information and detailed program of the Festival will be sent not later than July 2024
  • Accommodation will be in a hotel in rooms for 2/3 persons, including breakfast, lunch-package and dinner for the whole festival period. The Festival does not undertake to provide accommodation and meals after the end of the Festival. The groups should leave the hotel on 19 August, after breakfast. 
  • Festival provides a bus from the Cluj Napoca/ Sibiu airport to the festival office for the groups out of Europe, which come by plane.
  • Festival will provide a guide-interpreter for each ensemble, speaking English. 
  • All groups will receive a plaque and diploma for their participation. An exchange of souvenirs with the organizers and local authorities is expected. 
Ensemble must inform the Festival of his confirmed travel arrangements as well as about the visa procedure (if needed) not later than 31 May 2024. 
The Festival should be responsible for arranging medical care in an emergency and for any injuries that take place during the festival. The Festival is not responsible for providing medical care before its beginning

Director of the Ensemble is responsible for the discipline of the group’s members, including the punctuality regarding the program, good relations with the other groups, as well as the artistic quality of the group, corresponding to the submitted publicity materials. 
Every special need and requirement will be considered according to the circumstances.
The Festival provides for all groups spare time for rest when a cultural and tourist program will be proposed to participants. For example, in the past editions, Turda Salt Mine and Bran Castle were visited.


Thursday – 15/08/2024
14:00-16:00 Arriving/welcoming in Tarnaveni/Targu Mures. Accommodation. Free time
19:00-  Meeting with the ensemble directors
20:00 Dinner
Friday - 16/08/2024
07:30-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-  Free time: Resting at Fun Park "WEEKEND"/ visiting the Zoo.
16:00 – Departure to Tarnaveni
17:15 - Receiving of delegations (the leader and two members in folklore costumes) by the mayor of the municipality of Targu Mures, the municipality of Tarnaveni and the president of CJ Mures - exchange of gifts
18:00-  Opening of Festival * Parade in the centre of the municipality *
19:00-  GALA CONCERT – 1 dance - up to 10 min./ each ensemble - outdoor stage
21:00 Dinner & Party
Saturday - 17/08/2024
07:30-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-  Free time: Resting at Fun Park "WEEKEND"/ visiting the Zoo, Turda Salt Mine or Bran Castle.
21:00- Dinner
Sunday - 18/08/2024
07:30-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-Free time: Resting at Fun Park "WEEKEND”/ visiting the Zoo,
17:00 - Ensembles' evolution on stage - outdoor stage (two evolutions/ensemble, 10 min.
for each of them/Granting the diplomas/Closing of Festival/Fireworks)
22:00- Festive dinner/Granting the CD with the development of the whole Festival
Monday - 19/08/2024
07:30-09:00  - Breakfast
09:00-11:00 Ensembles' departure
NOTE!!! The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program depending on the situations that may arise. The evolutions on stage will be broadcasted LIVE on the internet and direct on local TV channels.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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