We have the pleasure to invite you to attend the 21st edition of
“Cătălina” International Folklore Contest-Festival for Children and Youth, held in Iaşi, Romania
from 24th to 28th of August 2015.
"Cătălina" contest-festival addresses folklore ensembles (orchestras, dancers, instrument players and vocalists) in Romania and abroad.

Purpose of the festival:

  • The organisers of “Cătălina” contest-festival wish to cultivate children’s love for folklore and reinforce their status of preservers of the local traditions.
  • Discovering and nurturing young talents willing to carry on the folklore legacy.
  • Make the folklore in the participants’ original areas known internationally
  • Cultivate the love for songs and dances in children and not only
  • Shape and develop the capacity of perceiving authenticity in the art of performing folk dances and songs
  • Make young people sensitive to the necessity of preserving and capitalizing on tradition
  • Stimulate children’s competitive spirit


  • The contest-festival addresses folklore ensembles; each of them must have a name and a number of maximum 30-35 members, including the group co-ordinator.
  • Each group will present a compact artistic program that must not exceed 20-25 minutes. Any time overrun will be penalized!
  • Each instrumentalist / vocalist will perform one single song and dancers two suites at most.

Conditions for participation:

  • Participants will perform elements of locally or regionally specific repertoire.
  • The festival addresses school students exclusively.
  • The folk costume parade will take place on August 24th, at 3 p.m. and the Awards Night on the 28th  at 5 p.m. The participation to both is mandatory.
  • Participants’ accommodation and meals during the contest days are provided by the organiser. The participants’ arrival will be on the 24th by 12 a.m, the departure on the 29th, at 9 a.m.

Evaluation criteria:

  • authenticity and artistic value of the performance;
  • authenticity and ethnographic value of folk costumes;
  • quality of interpretation;
  • stage presence.

Jury and awards:

The jury is made up of personalities of the Romanian folklore who will assess the performance of the groups granting the following awards:
  • The Great Prize of “Cătălina” contest-festival;
  •  1st , 2nd , 3rd  prizes, titles and special awards.
The final rating made by the jury will consider all the three categories in the competition: orchestra and dancers, vocalists, instrumentalists.
Conditions for participation at the festival are valid for collectives - members of EAFF.
If the Organizing Committee approve your group to participate and you are not a member EAFF, it is necessary to complete an application for membership.

If you are a member, please provide the number of the group and paid membership for 2015.
For new collectives EAFF members fill in an Application form for Membership - http://eaff.eu/en/membership/groups

The organizers reserve the right to choose between the submitted applications for admission to participation.


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