19 - 24 Апрель 2023
 Тбилиси, Мцхета, Тианети     Грузия

Детские Танцы Хоры / Песни Автентичныe Обработанные

Директор:  Mr. Kakhaber Markoishvili

International Festivals organized by the Georgian Union of Choreographers aim to promote popularization of choreographic and other fields of art of the peoples of the world and to unite amateur and professional artists from many different countries.
Our mission is to create the creative space for those who enjoy new impressions and travel and to get wider audiences acquainted with high level, diverse fields of folklore arts (and not only) and to promote dialogue and friendship between different cultures in the marvelous and renown with hospitality - Georgia.
Festival Concerts will be held at the venues in the Ancient Capital of Georgia Mtskheta, beautiful mountain town Tianeti and the Capital of Georgia – Tbilisi.

International Festival Rhythms of Fall– is the mix of amazing impressions gained from fiery performances of dancers, multi-genre musicians, painting arts and many more. All this backed with sightseeing tours to the beautiful and interesting locations of Eastern Georgia.

Location and dates of Festival:

Georgia – Tbilisi (accommodation), Mtskheta (Festival Opening Concert – April 21), Tianeti (Festival Second Concert – April 22), Tbilisi (Festival Closing Convert – April 23)


For participation in the Festival we invite artists of any age, from different countries of the world; those who share and recognize the necessity of diversity of cultures and are ready for new adventures and creative connections, in order to make our world more beautiful and attractive for people.


Stage performance from each participant must not exceed 6-8 minutes. Organization of exhibitions and different non-stage performances is unlimited per agreement.
Festival participation is admissible both with live music or phonogram. Along with the Festival Application, participants submit their brief artistic biography.  
Festival participants will receive Festival Participant Diplomas and memorable prizes.

Participation fee:

Package Economy:
  • 320 Euro per person - 6 Days/5 Nights -  (2 (limited number), 3 and 4-bed rooms); breakfast and lunch included; airport transfers and provision of transportation throughout the Festival (Festival activity related); 2 free excursions in Old Tbilisi and Mtskheta. 
Package Classic:
  • 360 Euro per person - 6 Days/5 Nights - (2 and 3-bed rooms); breakfast and lunch included; airport transfers and provision of transportation throughout the Festival (Festival activity related); 2 free excursions in Old Tbilisi and Mtskheta.
Important: Every 17th participant from arriving group is free from paying the Festival fee. (16 paying participants + 1 free of charge).

Participation fee does not include:

  • Additional day in the hotels
  • Optional tours - Fee for further offered tours varies from EURO 10 to EURO 20 per person.
  • International Transport, insurance;
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.
As a next step: Festival participants pay 50% of the total participation fee in advance, upon the submission and approval of the Application. Remaining 50% must be paid not later than the day of launch of Festival

Фотографии фестиваля

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