15 - 23 Август 2020
 Puławy     Польша

Танцы Хоры / Песни Оркестры

Директор:  Mr. Łukasz Chojnacki

Participation conditions:

  • Entries can be made by the traditional and stylized national dance groups.
  • The Ensemble taking part in the Festival should not outnumber 35 persons (including: leaders, drivers, interpeters ).
  • Taking photos and recording is an integral part of the Festival. The Ensemble grants gratuitously to the Festival its copyright to broadcast live and make audio-visual recordings (for radio, Internet and television) of the performances given by the Ensemble during the festival.

Participation fee:

  • 144 Euro per person (18 Euro per person per day). The fee does not concern the menager of the group and 2 drivers
    • Accommodation in 3,4 person rooms
    • Accommodation and catering will be situated at the festiwal premises
    • 4 meals a day (3 meals and afternoon snack) in the form of a Swedish buffet / a packed lunch for the trip
    • Tours
    • For groups arriving by plane, the Organizer provides a free bus service during the Festival

Participation fee includes:

  • Accommodation
  • 4 meals a day (3 meals and afternoon snack) in the form of a Swedish buffet / a packed lunchfor the trip
  • Tours
  • The Festival is responsible for arranging medical care in an emergency and for any injuries that take place during the festival. The Festival is not responsible for providing medical care before its beginning.
  • For groups arriving by plane, the Organizer provides a free bus service during the Festival (according the schedule of the festival).The travelling expenses to and from Puławy are to be the responsibility of the participants themselves.
  • All participants will receive some gifts and diploma for their participations. An exchange of souvenirs with the organizers and local authorities is expected.

Festival events:

  • The 2nd International Folk Festival “World Wide” will be held from 15 to 23 August, 2020 in the city of Puławy, Poland.
  • The main aim of the Festival is to promote folklore, culture of individual nations and international cooperation.
  • The festival is not a competition.
  • It is expected that the folk groups will be ready to take part in the Festival programmes with:
    • three different performances up to 10-15 minutes (total 30-45 minutes)
    • fragment of the performances for the processions about 2 minutes
    • The Ensemble may be asked to appear at various promotional events in Puławy and nearby towns.

Festival consists of:

  • Opening ceremony
  • performances on different stages (open - air and indoor ones) in Puławy and nearby towns
  • the processions along the streets of the town with performances
  • meetings with local authorities
  • Evening of national traditions
  • closing ceremony
  • trips

Participants' obligations:

  • The ensembles wishing to participate in the 2nd International Folk Festival should complete and sign the Application Form (through which they express their agreement to the terms and conditions contained in the Regulations) and send it to the Festival Office no later than 29.02.2020r.
  • The candidates should send to the Festival Office either with their letters or up to 29 February 2020 the following materials:
    • short CV of the ensemble in English;
    • 10 high quality colour pictures or slides of the ensemble for the festival catalogue (in JPG format),
    • recent video recordings (in AVI format) with ensemble’s performance which will be presented during the Festival (see § 3 point 4)
  • Final date of the payment of 25% of the total cost of the Festival is till 30.04.2020 r. The rest should be paid until 30.07.2020r. Payments should be made via bank transfer to the festival account which number will be given with the official invitation.
  • The Ensemble should perform under the accompaniment of live or recorded music ( in audio system). The Festival will provide a sound equipment whenever appropriate. Live music (band) is preferred.
  • The Groups travelling by bus cover the costs of the transport themselves. The bus must be available for the groups during the whole Festival. The Participants cover the driving costs too (not more than 900 km)
  • For the Groups arriving by plane, the Organizer can arrange a bus transport from and to the airport. The cost of this transport is 1.5 € / 1km.
  • The Participants are obliged to have medical and travel insurance for the members of the group for the whole festival period, which should be submitted at the frontier-post when crossing the border of Poland.
  • The potential costs of the required entry visa on Polish territory are covered by the participants themselves.
  • The Groups are obliged to bring national flags and souvenir gifts for exchange with the other participants and local authorities.
  • The Participants of the Festival must not make any other engagements within the Festival period and should take part in rehearsals, concerts and all organized events, included in the Festival program.
  • The teams may leave the Festival not earlier than after the closing ceremony, which will take place on 23.08.2020r.
  • The Ensemble must strictly observe the Festival program as well as the duration of its concert performances. The Ensemble can perform in other venues only after an agreement with the Festival.
  • The Participants must respect the program of the Festival and the schedule of the day provided by the Organizer.
  •  The groups, bands and solists will not receive any fee for the participation in the Festival. All the:
    • TV and radio recording.
    • Taking photos.
    • Interviews are also for free- the participants do not receive any fee.
  • The Director of the Folk Group is responsible for the discipline of the group’s members, including the punctuality regarding the programme, good relations with the other groups, as well as the artistic quality of the group, corresponding to the submitted publicity materials. In case of any damages or material losses, the costs will be covered by the participants .

Obligations of the organizer:

  • Until 01.04.2020r Organizing Committee will send to the selected groups an official invitation confirming participation in the Festival.
  • In the first place, folk group with the orchestra will be selected to participate in this festival.

Final conditions:

  • Information and detailed programme of the Festival will be sent to the participants approximately 30 days before the starting day of the Festival. The final program of the Festival will be given to the teams on the arrival day.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment

Фотографии фестиваля