21 - 26 Май 2019
  Vilnius      Литва

Танцы Хоры / Песни Обычаи Автентичныe

Директор:  Mrs. Sandra Bakanovaite

Basic information:

  • The Organizer of the Festival Vilnius Ethnic Culture Centre invites individuals and groups outside of the Republic of Lithuania to participate in Festival events as
  • The Festival takes place every year, on the last week of May in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania).
  • Groups have to arrive on the same day or one day before their first performance and leave next day after the festival.
  • There are about 7-10 foreign groups/single performers from different countries participating in the Festival as well as Lithuanian groups.
  • This is an authentic folklore Festival for amateurs; stylised/professional groups are not accepted.
  • Performances are taking place in the openair scenes, yards (pavement) and halls – indoor or outdoor spaces at certain districts in Vilnius City and it might also include other near towns of Lithuania (Trakai, Druskininkai, Trakų Vokė, etc.) (exact venue to be confirmed).
  • Festival events include: Welcome evening, Opening Ceremony, Onstage Performances, Local Life & Culture Experience, Free time, Parade, Closing Ceremony, Farewell Party.
  • Group should be prepared to perform different length of programme (from 5 min. to 1 hour).

Participants in the festival: 

Folklore groups worldwide are welcome to apply for the Festival.
A participating group should consist of maximum of 15 performers (incl. musicians, leaders, driver(s), etc.).
“Tourists” (members who have nothing to do with the performances of the group) are not accepted. Unfortunately, the Festival will not take care of them.
Тhe group should perform only LIVE, recorded music is not accepted.
The group can represent any type of their national folklore (songs, dances, instrumental traditional music, rituals, folk art crafts etc.).
Each group will be accompanied by Festival hostess during the festival.

Participation fee:

  • 70 Eurо per person


The members of each group will be accommodated by the Festival Organisers. The accommodation is provided from one day prior to the Opening of the Festival till one day after the Closing of the Festival.
The members of each group will have 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the Festival. Please note that organisers are not responsible for extra expenses, the meals are covered only during the days of the Festival.

Obligations of participants:

  • The participants are responsible for international transportation, travel insurance, Visa costs (if applicable) and international shipping/cargo of instruments and costumes if they are needed for the performances. Only some transport expenses inside Lithuania can be guaranteed by the organisers of the Festival.
  • Participants need to provide a flag of their own country which will be used during the Festival procession. If the group, ensemble or individual participant has any other attributes of their own (flag with the name of group on it, etc.) it can be also used.
  • Participants can bring some lawful goods representing the traditional life of their country (e.g. handiwork, traditional meals, traditional instruments etc.) as souvenirs to sell. If the groups or ensemble have their own CD’s or DVD they are also welcome to bring these as well. The objects for sale will be presented in the Festival booth in the Traditional Fair.


Groups participate in the Festival at their own risk.
Groups must be insured against all risks of life: illnesses, hospitalization, accidents, etc; The Festival will take no responsibility to any financial and/or other consequences regarding the above.

 Additional conditions:

  • Each group’s daily schedule will be arranged by the Organisers and given to the group on the day of their arrival. Note that small adjustments may be made during the Festival period.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to broadcast the festival performances partly or entirely.
  • Group authorises the Organisers to use any performance pictures or videos taken during the Festival for the Festival’s promotion.
  • By participating in the festival performers accept these conditions of the festival.
  • The leaders of the groups are requested to introduce these conditions to the members of their group.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.
Next payment (90%) should be transferred to the Festival account no later than 15th of April, 2019; if the group decides to cancel participation after this date and it is not the fault of the Festival organisers (example: visa wouldn’t be issued for the participant/s), fee is not refunded; if approved candidates do not pay Festival fee until the deadline, participation of this group/performer would be cancelled.

 After the Organiser issues the official invitation, Applicant must submit the following documents no later than 22nd of April, 2019:
  • Group list
  • Technical riders/stage plot
  • Programme of the performance
  • Digital copy of flight booking documents (e-ticket)
  • Digital copy of Visas etc.
  • Digital copy of insurance.

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