The 2024 Andong International Mask Dance Festival & Competition, now in its 28th year, proudly announces its celebration from September 27th to October 6th, under the auspices of Andong city, KOREA. We extend our warmest invitation to your group to partake in this prestigious festival.

Andong, a city with a 3000-year heritage, stands as the cradle of Korean spirit and a beacon of rich culture and history in southern Korea. Recognized as a pivotal scientific and cultural hub, Andong boasts a wealth of intriguing monuments. The city, honored by the visit of the Queen of the UK for her 73rd birthday in April 1999, continues to attract international dignitaries, symbolizing the enduring spirit and culture of Korea. As the heartland of folk art, Andong offers a unique experience to those who cherish tradition.

Organized by a coalition of Andong city hall, Korea foundation for cultures and ethics, Korea culture affair, Korea heritage administration, the festival is expected to captivate over 1.2 million spectators. Live performances will be broadcasted, reaching an even larger audience. The festival's opening ceremony sees participation from nearly 30 countries' embassies and 15 local city mayors annually, fostering a global community spirit.

The 2024 festival invites world-class dance ensembles of all genres to showcase the rich tapestry of global cultures, offering a splendid platform for cultural exchange and learning. This event is not only an opportunity to promote your country's culture but also to immerse in the cultural diversity of Korea and the world.

I. Rules of participation:

1. Submission requirements
  • Group information and photographic documentation (minimum 10 pictures suitable for publication)
  • Video file/ clip via CD, DVD or online link
  • Name of group leader (for offical inviation letter)
2. Eligibility
  • Participants must be older than 17 years
  • Group size should range from 10 to 15 members
  • Original instrument music is preferred, but playback is allowed
  • Participants must have valid medical and health insurance
3. Procedure
  • Based on the information you have provided, a review process will be conducted
  • Following this, an official invitation letter for Visa issuance and entry will be sent via email
  • This process will be completed within 7 business days

II. Participants obligations:

1. Covering the costs of round-trip airfare and any baggage expenses.
2. Managing Visa applications and covering any related fees.
3. Securing travel insurance for the duration of the trip.

III. Organization’s obligations:

1. In-country transportation, including private bus transfers to and from Andong at arrival and departure times, except for international round-trip airfare.
2. Provision of local transportation throughout the festival via private bus.
3. Accommodation arrangements offering twin-shared, double-bed rooms for all team members.
4. Daily meal provision, with three meals per day.
5. Allocation of one interpreter and guide for each team to facilitate communication and navigation.
6. A daily stipend of around $10 USD for each performer, excluding staff members.
7. An exclusive invitation to compete in the global mask dance competition, boasting a total prize of KRW 12,000,000 (about $10,000 USD).

IV. Detailed participation schedule:

1. Opening & closing ceremony
  • We request your presence, not for a performance, but to attend the event along with government officials for photo sessions and the recording of broadcast materials.
  • This includes participation in photo sessions, viewing of thematic performances, and attendance at the competition's award ceremony, among other activities.
2. Performance program
  • Your performance team's participation is crucial.
  • The festival anticipates the engagement of 20-30 teams, culminating in 80-120 stage performances in total.
  • On average, each team is expected to perform 4-6 times, with a possibility of up to 8 performances for select teams, though the majority are likely to perform about 6 times.
  • Performances are recommended to last between 10 to 20 minutes, ideally centering around 15 minutes.
3. Competition program
  • It is intended for teams or individuals who wish to apply and is not a mandatory part of the festival.
  • Non-participation will not affect your festival experience and attending as an audience member is highly encouraged for everyone.
  • Should you decide to participate, the competition will be divided into individual and group categories, progressing through preliminaries, quarter finals, semi-finals, and a final, making up a total of four stages.
  • If the number of participating teams exceeds our expectations, this could change to 3-5 stages (though this is unlikely).
4. Experience and exhibition programs
  • These segments are optional and curated by the festival organizers for your enjoyment. Your participation in these programs is encouraged.
5. Street parades event
  • Definitive details for this event are currently pending. The planned activities include one to two street parades. It is imperative to participate in the street parade at least once.

V. Regulations for competition

1. Requirements
  • Individual
    • Number of members: 1 to 4 peoples
    • Time: within 5 minute (including entrance and exit stage)
  • Group (International / Local)
    • Number of members: 5 to 20 peoples
    • Time: within 5 minute (*without entrance and exit stage)
    • If exceed the time limit, we will subtract the 10% point of overall score for justice
2. Policy of competition
  • Must wear a mask or face painting, which is suitable with festival theme image.
  • Reflect the concept and characteristic of festival.
  • Performance can be any types of dance.
  • Participants must attend the festival parade before the competition (must-benefit point).
  • Participants need to have rehearsal, must need to discuss with stage manager in advance (technical needs and somethings).
  • International groups can apply to both categories (Group & Individual).
  • A performer may not participate in more than one individual competition. Each performer is allowed to participate in only one individual competition and one group competition.
3. Screening criterion:
  • Dance, Mask (Face-painting), Costume related with festival theme
  • Ability (Technic and Skill etc.)
  • Performance and Story (The festival theme should be well expressive in performance)
  • Artistic
  • Response (Audience’s reaction and respond)
  • Attend the parade (All group must attend)
  • Festival Theme for 2024 (Will inform you later!)

4. Registration period: 1st May - 10th September 2024

5. Competition rules
  • Individual category has a 3 times qualifying round during the festival days.
  • Group category has a 4 times qualifying round during the festival days.
  • The each individual category participant team only can 1 time attend to qualifying round.
  • The each group category participant team only can 1 time attend to qualifying round.
  • Participants must minimum 1 time attend to festival party parade before the competition. When you attend you can got advantage point for competition.
  • The schedule can be change accordingly festival condition and situation.

VI. Prizes:

The prize information is based on the year 2023. Please note that there may be some changes this year, therefore, consider this as a reference.

The prize money for 2024 will be announced at a later date.

  • Groups
Group (International)
KRW 7,000,000 (approximately $6,500 USD)
KRW 2,000,000
KRW 1,000,000
KRW 500,000
KRW 300,000
KRW 200,000
  • Individuals
Individual (International)
KRW 2,000,000 (approximately $1,870 USD)
KRW 800,000
KRW 500,000
KRW 300,000
KRW 200,000
KRW 100,000

VII More information

  • Participants must engage in concerts, performances, and other festival events, prepare for varying performance lengths, participate in the parade, and prepare gifts for cultural exchange.
  • Organizers will cover meals, lodging, local transportation, and provide festival guides. Special conditions apply for additional group members and accommodation preferences.
  • Groups will arrive via Seoul (Incheon), Busan, or Daegu International Airports, with transportation provided to the festival.
  • Daily schedules include breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, with performance schedules and rehearsal spaces allocated. Free time is also scheduled for exploring Andong.
  • Festival performances and group's presentations take place in Andong region in Korea.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to record Festival concerts for the Radio and TV purposes and to use recordings without additional payments to the participants.
  • The Organizers will not cover costs of air expense to Korea and from it back home to country of origin.
  • International Health & accident insurance and eventual deportation from Korea will be covered by the group. The organizer only covered emergency medical treatment.
  • Friendship Party Information
    • Daytime: Exchange gifts with the organizing committee.
    • Nighttime: Exchange gifts with participating groups from other countries, followed by a small friendship party (please prepare three gifts for exchange).
  • Appendix: Distances
    • From Incheon International Airport to Andong city: 280km.
    • From Busan International Airport to Andong city: 250km.
    • From Daegu International Airport to Andong city: 80km.
    • Distance from accommodations to the festival site: 3~8km.
    • Distance from accommodations to the lunch restaurant: 3~8km.
    • Accommodations are located downtown.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Applications for participation in this festival are accepted only from collectives members of EAFF or IOV-WORLD or IOV national section.