We would like to offer to Your ensemble, participation at our Spring International Folk-Music Festival,  which will be held in Belgrade.
The aim of  this gathering is to learn about different cultures and people, to create new friendships, to change experience and contacts with other groups, to bring the groups from all over the world in one place.
Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, which is one of oldest towns in Europe. Magnificent city, with modern spirit, history and long traditions, worth to be seen and discover its hospitality. 
Festival begins, on Thursday, by arrival of groups and will be finished on Monday, after breakfast, by departure of the groups. During stay of 4 days on Festival, groups will have 2 performances, main Festival’s performance, humanitarian performance and possible participation at TV show.
The groups coming by airplane will have scheduled program according their flights.
Minimum stay at Festival is 2 days, with 1 performance which will be held on Saturday.
Necessary program is minimum 20 min and it is accepted also recorded music. All invited groups must respect Festival’s program, which will be delivered to invited groups, 10 days before arrival.
The groups could arrange their free time according their wish, but also it is possible that we offer organization of sightseeing tours, excursions.

General festivals conditions:

We accept participation of different kinds of ensembles, such as folk dance ensembles, choirs, orchestras, majorettes groups, dancing groups, brass bands.  
Age and number of participants are not limited. In the number of participants are included: dancers, singers, musicians, leaders, parents and other accompanying persons, drivers.    
Travelling expenses to Festival, during Festival and return is at cost of the group.
Festival will provide accommodation on basis of half board in 3* and 4*hotels, for 2,3,4 or more days, according group’s request. Extra meal could be also organized according request.        
For the groups which need visa for arrival in Serbia, is necessary to finish visa procedure not later than 15 days before their arrival.  
Participants are obliged to have own international health insurance
Organizer will provide English speaking guide for the group
Every invited group, for its program that will be performed at the Festival, must have regulated rights with the author.  

Participation fee:

3*HOTEL - 75 euro per person 
2 HB (breakfast and dinner) accommodation in triple rooms
additional meal 8.5 euro/person
every extra day- HB is 32euro/person
for accommodation in double room is additional payment 6 euro/person/day        
4*HOTEL - 95 Euro per person
2 HB (breakfast and dinner) accommodation in triple rooms 
additional meal 12 euro/person
every extra day- HB is 42euro/person
for accommodation in double room is additional payment 10euro/person/day  
Tourist tax in amount of 1.50 euro/person/daily additionally.
Every 26th person in the group is free.
The group which would like to participate at Festival, and to organize their accommodation by themselves, it is necessary to make payment for registration fee,  30 euro/person.      

Participation fee includes:

- accommodation in selected hotel
- Festival’s souvenir 
- diploma
- all other costs are not mentioned are at cost of every participant (sightseeing tour, different visits, drinks in hotel…) 
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.
As application for participation could be accepted, group must pay in advance 25% of total amount, through bank (all bank transfers are at cost of the group)
This amount will not be returned in case of non arrival.   
Besides confirmation of paid amount group must deliver few photos, short history of the group, description of program and filled list of participants (name/surname, sex, date of birth, no. passport, function). 
After that group will receive invitation, as they could arrange their travelling to Festival or if they need to start visa procedure.


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