6 - 9 Февраль 2020
 Vienna     Австрия

Взрослые Детские Танцы Хоры / Песни Оркестры Обычаи

Директор:  Pierpaolo Albano

Let’s forget the clichés about Vienna: city for old people, boring, always cold, everyone respects the traffic lights and no one ever smiles. Maybe it’s cold in winter and people respect the traffic lights, however this is a sign of civilization, not boredom. As a matter of fact, Vienna is one of the most beautiful capital cities of Europe, full of life and youth, with an intense cultural and social life, unique in its kind. Therefore it’s welcoming, comfortable and tailored to people’s needs. In fact, it is ranked the best city in the world to live in.
It has a rich cultural life, thanks to some major international museums situated in the magnificent residential palaces of the Habsburg dynasty. The Belvedere Museum, the Albertina, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Schonbrunn Palace, are well worth a visit, even though you aren’t thrilled with works of art.
Each group can participate with a program lasting at maximum 25 minutes, with the aim of making a dynamic even that allows as many groups as possible to perform. During the event there will be several possibilities to perform, fully experiencing the wonders of Austrian culture. The theme is free and no regulations or repertoire restrictions are imposed.
In order to participate in this festival, every group needs to apply until January 10, 2020. Our organization, expert in the field of international festivals, will provide complete packages including: flights, hotel accommodations, guided tours and registration at the festival.


06/02 Thursday
Arrival in Vienna
07/02 Friday
Free day for visits
08/02 Saturday
09/02 Sunday

Participation fee:

3 nights - 3* Hotel in Half Board
  • 220 Euro per person - Room 3/4 people
  • 250 Euro per person - Double room
  • 320 Euro per person - Single room 
3 nights - 4* Hotel in Half Board
  • 250 Euro per person - Room 3/4 people
  • 280 Euro per person - Double room
  • 350 Euro per person - Single room

Participation fee includes:

  • Treatment of half board
  • Drinks not included
  • Accommodation in triple and double rooms.
  • Entry to the event
  • A guaranteed show
  • Assistance of our staff on the site
  • Information material

Participation fee does not include:

  • Full board: € 27 per day per person.
  • Italian guide: € 190 per day. An Italian guide will be available to visit the city of Vienna.
  • Medical insurance: € 8 per person (All participants must have insurance coverage; if the group does not wish to purchase it, send an e-mail with which the resignation is expressly communicated.)
  • Tourist tax: to be paid locally. (We reserve the right to verify the existence of) this rate 30 days before departure.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.