The main purpose of the competition is to present the teacher and student work within an academic year at the original world competition by means of the most powerful medium of our time - the Internet.
To hold the absentee ​​INTERNATIONAL GRAND MUSIC COMPETITION is a really actual idea. 
It attracts new technologies, gives an incentive to musicians of all ages to enhancement and creation!
By forth of material and geographical reasons not everyone can afford to participate in the International Competition, and our competition gives them such a chance!
After all there are so many talented musicians in the world. The competition is dedicated to the international day of music.

Conditions of participation:

Competition date: 12.12.22 - 15.12.2022 - viewing video recordings by jury members and scoring.
15.12. - Gala concert on the competition channel and announcement of the results.
16.12. - 20.12 - distribution of diplomas to the contestants.
It is absentee competition. Participants must submit videos with a link to YouTube. The video must not be labeled as Video for children. Mark the video-Not for children. This is necessary so that we can place your video on the contest channel. One link to both compositions or two different links to each composition is allowed, as it is convenient for the contestant.


1. Piano  
2. Folk instruments (guitar, house, balalaika, accordion, harp).
3. Stringed bow instruments (viola, violin, cello, counterbass, harp)
4. Woodwind and brass instruments (Flute, saxophone, horn, fagot, clarinet, oboe, percussion instrument).
5. Academic and folk vocals
6. Chamber ensembles 
7. Orchestras
8. Choir

Age groups:

I First group: 7-9 years old;
II Second group: 10-12 years old;
III Third group: 13-15 years old;
IV Fourth group: 16-20 years old;
V Fifth group: profi musicants.

Program requirements for instrumentalists:

  • Solo - 2 pieces
  • Ensemble - 2 pieces
  • Orchestras - (wind pieces, folk, chamber, symphonic) 2 pieces.
  • Choir - 2 pieces.

Jury, procedure:

The jury is composed of specialists in the field of culture and art: honored cultural workers, leading teachers of educational institutions, famous artists, composers, musicians. The composition of the jury can insignificantly varied for reasons beyond the control of the Organizing Committee.
The participants’ performances are evaluated according to a 100-point system.
The decision of the jury is final and not subject to change. The results are announced in 5 days after the competition and sent to all participants by e-mail.
Evaluation criteria: instrument possession degree, intonation and musical tune purity, repertoire complexity and arrangement, dynamic palette of sound possession, musicality, artistry, art interpretation of a musical composition, creative personality for individual performers.


In each nomination and age group the winners will be awarded:

  • Laureate I (Golden Diploma) is awarded to the participant who scored at least 90, oo / 100 points
  • Laureate II (Silver Diploma) is awarded to the participant who scored at least 80, oo points
  • Laureate III (Bronze Diploma) is awarded to the participant who scored at least 70, oo points
  • Diplomant (Copper diploma) is awarded to the participant who scored at least 60 points

The number of diplomas of the laureates is not limited.
The participants’ evaluation is based on the average score of the jury members:
GRAN-PRIX – 100/100 points Soloist, duet or ensemble in the competition nomination, receives a diploma Grand Music Champion of the World.
Special prizes - for artistry, for virtuosity. Prize for the best teacher. They are awarded if the jury members decide to mark the contestant.
Soloists and teams of Laureates of the 1st degree and Grand Prix that have passed during the 2022 season are allowed to participate in the full-time Grand Music Superfinal . The best of the best talented musicians and vocalists from all over the world will compete in the Super Winning.

Participation fee:

  • Solo – 30 Euro for the CIS countries – 1 500 RUB
  • Ensembles (from 2 to 10 people) - 35 Euro per duet, for the CIS countries – 1800 RUB
  • Choirs, orchestras, groups (from 10 people) - 40 Euro per team, for CIS countries – 2 000 RUB

There is no entry about distance participation in diploma.

Jury members:

Wind instruments:
Nikolay Popov - Russia
Soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra of Russia, flutist, saxophonist, arranger and composer, professor of MGIM named after A. G. Schnittke
Dmitriy Tagan – Mongoliya
Saxophonist, international competitions laureate.
Pablo Miró - México
Pianist Chamber music Teacher Pianist from Trío Ruiz Miró
Vagner Mery - Hanover, Germany
pianist, music school director
Stringed instruments:
Pavel Minev - Bulgaria
“Modern Paganini” - is included in the world top list of outstanding artists “Great Artists - Musical World”.
Ksenia Zharko - Russia
The Moscow Operetta Theater Conductor, The Globalis Chamber Orchestra conductor, The State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia conductor - trainee, the State Concert conductor.
Folk instruments:
Ledeniv Andriy - Russia
Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, folk instruments, professor of MGIM named after Schnittke.
Nguyen Tai Hung - Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam National Academy of Music - a voting member of The Confederation Internationale des Accodeonistes (CIA) since 2003.
Luca Lattanzio - Italy
Tenor composer songwriter.
Shutova Marina - Russia
Honored Artist of Russia, prima of the Bolshoi Theater, solo opera and chamber singing GMPI named after M.M. Ippolitova –Ivanova

Applications and videos are accepted before 10.12.2022.

Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.


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