We are going to organize the “INTERNATIONAL ANTALYA CHILDREN FESTIVAL” on April 19-24, 2020.


We invite groups of folk dance, modern dance, ballet, chorus, music, circus, band and harmonica, traditional street games, dance theatre and rhythmic gymnastics consisting of children aged between 8 and 14.
More than one group from each country can participate in the festival with as many participants as they wish.
We invite your group or a group or groups you suggest from your country to our festival which is to be held in Antalya which is visited every year by millions of tourists.
We kindly ask the group leaders who will participate in the festival to examine in detail the application form and the conditions of participation in the attachment.
Group leaders should fill in the application form completely and send it to FOMGED Head Office by December 15th, 2019.
Different cultures from different places of the world will meet in Antalya once again.
They will send out messages of friendship, peace and love to the whole world from this city, the pearl of the Mediterranean.


  • All applications should be sent by e-mail by December 15th, 2019.
  • We also kindly ask you to send us the short CV, presentation materials and photos of the group, together with the application form.
  • Other groups who applied from the same country can participate in our festival by paying the participation fee.
  • Anyone who wishes to accompany their group can participate our festival.
  • After making the 5% advance guaranty payment, as a second payment, all participant groups have to pay a deposit of 200 Euro before December 15th, 2019. This deposit will be paid back to the groups on the date of their arrival to the festival.
  • All application forms will be evaluated by the Organization Committee. Official invitations will be sent to all groups which are eligible as participants by January 15th, 2020.

Participation fee:

In order to decrease the expenses of the Organization Committee, participants are required to pay a participation fee.
  • 125 Euro per person for the whole period (5 FB)
  • For every 20 people in other groups, participation of one leader is free of charge.

The participation fee includes the followings:

  • All participants will stay in hotels. All hotel reservations will be made by the Organization Committee.
  • The accommodation will be at 3-star hotels; breakfast, lunch and dinner are open-buffet. (Lunch may sometimes be provided as lunch boxes).
  • Each room provides a shower, WC and air conditioner and is double or triple.
  • Participants will join a city tour and a yacht tour.


  • The travel expenses to and from Antalya are to be under the responsibility of the participanting groups themselves.
    • For the groups who arrive in Antalya by plane, transfer to and from airport and local transportations throughout the festival program will be provided by Organization Committee.
    • The groups who travel to Antalya by their own buses might use them for all local transportation throughout the festival program.
  • The gasoline for this local transportation throughout the festival program is given to these groups.

General terms and conditions:

  • Participating performers must be 8-14 years old.
  • Groups will arrive in Antalya on April 19th, 2019 in the afternoon and depart from Antalya on April 24th, 2019, after breakfast.
  • All the participants must get their Travel Health Insurance before they travel to our country.
  • The Organization Committee will not be responsible for any damages which might occur to the participants or to their belongings. In case of an accident or any need for an urgent medical treatment, the Organization Committee will be helpful, but all medical and other expenses of the participant will be paid by the participant or the participants insurance.
  • The participants have full responsibility of all visa procedures before they travel to our country.
  • Еach group must get ready to perform a max. 3, max. 5 and max. 7 minutes – show when required. (total 3 shows)
  • The participating groups will perform only in activities arranged by the Organization Committee. The groups must participate in all activities of the program. The Organization Committee can change the dates, times, places and the number of all activities of the festival. All the participating groups have to be in agreement with this rule.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 5% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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